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5 Fantasy Books Coming Out This Month

With the winter holidays upon us and with snow storms brewing, what better way is there to spend a snow day than curled up somewhere warm with a fantasy book? See Tor’s New Release page for more details on some of the following releases!

Here are five fantasy books that will be released this month:

1. “Walk the wild with me”


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Written by Rachel Atwood, Walk the Wild With Me is a historical fantasy that follows a young man named Nicholas Withybeck, who must use the power he was granted by a Celtic goddess to infiltrate the realm of the Faery on a rescue mission. But time is running out!

During his travels, he meets mythical figures like Little John and the Green Man, to name but a few. Other fantastical creatures also appear in this narrative: trolls and dryads, for example.

2. “The Light of all that falls”

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This is the third book in James Islington‘s Licanius Trilogy. The Light of All The Falls will be released on December 10th. This narrative follows the first two entries in the series The Shadow of What Was Lost and An Echo of Things to Come. Follow Wirr, Davian, and Caeden as they work to overcome their personal demons while trying to restore peace to a war-torn land.

3. “This will kill that”

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Written by Danielle K. Roux, this book is a distinctive blend of the science fiction and fantasy genres. This Will Kill That is a story that deals with demons and spirits in a city where people regularly murder one another without provocation. Rin Morana is set to take over as the leader of the Green faction, one of the forces behind the Color Clash. Amaya Verity, part of the rival Blue faction, must call on Rin for help. As stated by the Amazon summary of this book, Rin and Amaya must “decide whether to fight monsters or become them.”

4. “The case of the Spellbound child”

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This book is the fourteenth installment in Mercedes Lackey‘s Elemental Masters series. But fear not! These books can be read out of order, and readers can still enjoy each for its individual merit. The Case of The Spellbound Child takes place after the death of Sherlock Holmes (but is he? Is he really?). John and Mary Watson and friends embark on two cases in Dartmoor: one involves the disappearance of a group of children on the moors, and the other investigates rumors of dark magic brewing in the region.

5. “Crownbreaker”

image via goodreads

Sebastien de Castell‘s Spellslinger series continues with its sixth installment, Crownbreaker. This book follows protagonists Kellen and Reichis as they adapt to their lives as guardians of the queen. However, everything goes wrong when Kellen is trapped by a mage who intends on killing him.

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