An Offering of Quotes For the Day of the Dead

Today is a day when millions of people put flowers and food before images of their dead in an organized effort to love and honor those that were here before them. In a similar spirit, I give you literary flowers—snippets and quotes— to stir our living spirits and turn our inner eyes towards our memories.

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5 Must-Read Poe Stories on His Death Day

On this day, 171 years ago, Edgar Allen Poe died for mysterious causes. To honor the legend he left behind, here are five of his lesser-known must-reads. Read to learn more about his life, in addition to adding your Poe-tfolio!

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Lord of the Rings Actor, Sir Ian Holm Dies at 88

Sir Ian Holm, the veteran actor known for stage and film and even more famously for his role as Bilbo Baggins has passed away. He was in the hospital with his family and it was said that he passed peacefully.


image via The Guardian

He was a classical trained actor and excelled in his roles like in Chariots of Fire(1981) which earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. He also starred in science fiction classics hits like Alien (1979) as the android Ash and The Fifth Element (1997) as Vito Cornelius.

Sir Ian Holm leaves behind many who will cherish his legacy. Family, friends, colleagues and fans alike.




Featured Image via ABS-CBN News