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Rights to Stephen King Novel Bought 24 Hours After Release

Stephen King, the world renowned horror novelist, released his new book on September 9th. That was Yesterday.

Today the rights to said book were purchased, and plans to adapt the novel into a “limited TV series” are already underway, according to Entertainment Weekly.


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The novel is titled The Institute, and follows a group of children living in an institute (you following?) for those imbued with special powers where the staff is “dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts.”



This just be my opinion, and it should be noted that I haven’t read any of the actual work, but the descriptions I’ve read of The Institute don’t particularly grab me. It seems to be feeding off of the success of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Which is partly why the rights for The Institute being sold within 24 hours of being released is so shocking.

But who bought the rights?


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Spyglass Media, with David E. Kelley and Jack Bender at the helm. If those names aren’t familiar to you, you might recognize David E. Kelley from the credits of Big Little Liesand Ally McBeal as the creator of both. Jack Bender is most well known for directorial work on shows like Lost, The Sopranosand Game of Thrones

Names like these add excitement to a project that otherwise came about suspiciously fast. To be fair, we have no idea when this series will be filmed or released, so it could be a while before anything sees the light of day.




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