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10 Authors I Have a Crush on

No matter what era of history they are from, you can’t deny there are some authors who are timelessly attractive. We often appreciate their craftsmanship when it comes to storytelling, but it’s time to enjoy these authors on another level—a surface level. Here are the ten hottest picks of the hottest authors to date (IN MY OPINION!):


1. J.D. Salinger


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Jerome David Salinger. He was a very private man and kept a lot to himself from the public, but there was no way he could hide that face forever.


2. John Steinbeck


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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” Well, there you go, now we know that Steinbeck is a big fan of cuffing season.


3. F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Francis is as cool and smooth as the characters in his books. His smile can send shivers down your skin. He’s not even smiling in this picture and I’m into him!


4. Barack Obama


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He may not be our president anymore, but I am still here for his charisma.



5. Ernest Hemingway


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It’s hard to be e(a)rnest with someone who is this handsome!



6. David Baldacci


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Not only is he one of the bestselling authors in America, but he also knows how to sell his smile.



7. Nicholas Sparks


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Not only does he know how to spark our hearts like The Notebook, but also spark our attraction for him.



8. Trevor Noah


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Look at those irresistible dimples.



9. Rupert Brooke


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Irish poet W.B Yeats was right when he said Brooke was, “the handsomest young man in Britain.”



10. Franz Kafka


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Last on the list, but not least, The Metamorphosis author was 6’2, and quite the ladies man.


Who else do you think should make it to this list? Who caught your eye here?


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