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Bookspot of the Week: Blue Manatee Books

This week, we chatted with Michael Woodson, the editorial and marketing manager of Blue Manatee Literacy Project (BMLP) in Cinicinnati, OH.

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The Top 6 Scariest Stephen King Monsters

For decades, Stephen King had been the undisputed master of horror, the mere mention of his name evoking mysterious locales, psychotic madmen and, of course, terrifying monsters. From a rabid dog to a literal god, here are the top six scariest Stephen King monsters, ranked!


6. Cujo – Cujo

image via The Spool

And here is the rabid dog in question! A Saint Bernard owned by the Chamber family of Castle Rock, Cujo, once a faithful and loving animal friend, contracts rabies from a bat bite, and slowly, over the course of several days, the disease eats away at his mind, turning him into a vicious, bloodthirsty beast. What makes Cujo scary enough to make number six on this list is that, unlike the rest of Stephen King’s cast of spooks and spectres that go bump in the night, a rabid dog is actually a real world threat. The thought of your loyal canine companion suddenly turning on you gives our number six placeholder an eerie, personal edge.


5. Blaine the Mono – The Dark Tower III: The Waste Land

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For those of you who may not have read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you may be wondering why I’m including a train anywhere on this list. It’s because Blaine the Mono is no ordinary train, but rather an artificial intelligence that slowly went insane as the computers that comprised his brain fell into disarray over the decades of lack of maintenance. Not only that, but he’s also worshipped as a god by those who inhabit the city which he’s found decomposing in by Roland Deschain and company. He’s not a merciful god, either, for he also destroys said city by releasing a toxic nerve gas. Blaine the Mono combines both humanity’s future fear of artificial intelligence and our past fear of vengeful gods. 

4. Pennywise – IT

Image via The Wrap

Also known as the Dancing Clown, the child-devouring clown of Derry, Maine is possibly Stephen King’s most popular monster creation. While I may be in the minority of those who don’t find clowns particularly scary, what I personally find frightening about Pennywise is his shapeshifting abilities, meaning that he could be even your closest family and friends, preying on you or your child, just waiting for a moment when he could strike and swallow you whole. 



3. The Mist Monsters – The Mist

Image via Reddit

The Mist is my favorite of Stephen King’s novellas, and that’s because of the monsters that lurk within the mist that rolls into the small town of Bridgeton, Maine. While we’re never given a clear explanation of what precisely caused the mist, it’s suggested that the military’s Arrowhead Project opened a portal to another dimension, and that’s how the horrors of the mist were able to enter our world. What’s truly terrifying about The Mist is it’s theme of our need to tamper with nature and how playing God will eventually be the cause of our demise.


2. The Leatherheads – Under the Dome

Image via Stephen King Wiki

A species of interdimensional aliens, the Leatherheads are the ones who materialized the gigantic, indestructible dome over the town of Chester Mill’s, Maine. The scariest part is that they did so only for the purpose of watching to see what the citizens inside would do. The terror of the Leatherheads is not what they did to the people of Chester Mill’s, but rather what it represents: how little we matter in the Universe. At the end of the novel, we learn that the Leatherheads who made the dome are in fact children. A parallel is made between them toying with the lives of Chester Mill’s residents and a human kid burning the ants of an ant hill with a magnifying glass. Humanity is no more significant to them than ants are to us.

1. the mother of the null – Revival

Image via Twitter

Mother of the Null, or simply referred to as the Mother, is the aforementioned god on our list. Mother is the malevolent, Lovecraftian entity that rules over the Null, a dimension where those who have died are being led (and presumably fed) to Mother by giant, ant-like creatures. The horror of Mother is the thought of her being what awaits us in the afterlife, and being consumed by her gaping black maw is an unavoidable fate for all mankind.

There are far more monsters that have been birthed from Stephen King’s delightfully twisted mind, and while, yes, a lot of them can be quite silly (look up Maximum Overdrive), just as many are truly scary creations.

Featred image via Imps and Monsters

The Batman Resumes Filming?

With world wide closures of everything, due to COVID-19 television and movie sets shut down, halting projects in process like Matt Reeves, The Batman, staring Robert Pattinson. My dream come true! This picture of Rob in isolation honestly speaks to my spirit.


image via GQ


It was announced that the shutdown of UK production sets have been lifted. While the U.S.’ are still closed, there is no telling when they can resume filming state side but other countries are moving forward slowly.

image via Geekologie

This isn’t happing immediately however, many new heath procedures and safety precautions have to be put in place to keep the crew, the actors, everyone on set safe. What are these new procedures and precautions? No word on that yet either but as long as the world is slowly getting back on it’s feet, I can’t really complain.

When news first came out that Robert Pattinson would be playing Batman, The Batman, I was almost too excited. I, personally didn’t enjoy Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the character, that whole era of the DCEU was a bit bleak, excluding Wonder Woman. I can’t wait to see Pattinson’s interpretation of Bruce Wayne. Honestly, the entire DCEU needs a soft reboot.  I just pray this superhero movie doesn’t fall into production limbo like The New Mutants. 

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