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Two Hugo Finalists Trying to Turn Silver to Gold

The Hugo Awards, the annual award for science fiction, will announce their winner later in the week, but for now, there are two finalists which are the first in their series—so you can start reading right now, and be ready for the winner this weekend.


Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse

Trail of Lightning

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Maggie is a post-apocalyptic Navajo monster hunter, and that’s just the beginning. When a girl goes missing in a small town, she’s forced to team up with a medicine man to travel the reservation, uncovering secrets and coming closer and closer to a monster more terrible than either can imagine. An immersive flooded world, filled with gods and monsters, and characters with enough sarcasm and attitude to bear the weight of a dark plot and devastated world.

This has already swept a few awards, and is sure to be a good pick for anyone who likes any supernatural or speculative genres.



Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik

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You may have noticed by now I’m A LITTLE OBSESSED with Naomi Novik, but hey, the experts back me up. This is sort of a fairy tale, related to Rumpelstiltskin, but you always get much more than you can possibly foresee with Novik.

Since her father is running the family business into the ground, Miryim takes matters into her own hands. For better or worse, she’s very good at debt collecting, and ends up catching the attention of the supernatural—the icy Staryk—and it only gets more dire from there. You can expect gloriously lush world building and characters who feel like real people.




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6 Creatures ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Will Feature

This Friday, August 9th, the film adaptations of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is finally being released!

The creatures that have haunted us since childhood are coming to life, and this time they’re three dimensional. We’re going to watch them run, jump, scuttle, stab, and limp their way into our nightmares. And in addition to reuniting with the horrifying monsters we met in our elementary school’s library, we get to meet an entirely new creature as well. 

Before we delve into that, let’s reconcile with some of our old friends.

6-Sarah  Bellows


Sarah's ghost

Sarah’s ghost/Image via GeekTyrant


Sarah Bellows is taken directly from the book. She comes from “The Haunted House”, a story about a priest who meets a spirit while hiding away in a haunted house. The book describes her as “a young woman about twenty years old” who has no eyes, but “a sort of blue light way back in her sockets.” The story follows the priest as he attempts to avenge Sarah’s death, and expose her murderer.

However, the film has used Sarah’s story in a different way. According to an IMDb summary;

“It’s 1968 in America. Change is blowing in the wind…but seemingly far removed from the unrest in the cities is the small town of Mill Valley where for generations, the shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large. It is in their mansion on the edge of town that Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets, turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories, written in a book that has transcended time-stories that have a way of becoming all too real for a group of teenagers who discover Sarah’s terrifying tome.”



Harold's updated look

Harold’s updated look/Image via Vox


In case you don’t remember, Harold’s story was included in the original book. Harold is a scarecrow who was made by two farmers, and modeled after the least liked farmer on the ranch.

The farmers constantly took out all their frustrations on the doll, mocking him and covering him in dirt and food. Until Harold grunts in response.

No spoilers, but things only go downhill from there.

In the trailer there don’t appear to be many farmers. Harold is instead being picked on by a group of high school jocks, though the story seems to end in a similar fashion. It’s safe to say that while our favorite creatures are returning, they may not be entirely how we remember them.


4-The Red Spot


The image that will haunt my dreams tonight

The image that will haunt my dreams tonight/Image via Syfy


From what we can gather from the trailer, this story seems like it’s been kept pretty close to the original. In the book, a spider plants eggs under a girl’s skin as she’s sleeping.

She wakes up with a red spot on her face, that grows into a massive boil over the course of a few days. The night before she’s meant to see a doctor, the boil bursts, and hundreds of spiders pour out of the wound.

I don’t consider any of this a spoiler, since it’s all in the trailer. Plus, I doubt there are many people who haven’t heard this tale either directly from the source, or as an exaggerated rumor on the schoolyard.



3-The Pale Lady


The pale lady

The pale lady/Image via Bloody Disgusting


The pale lady comes from “The Dream,” a story about a girl who is visited by a pale woman during a dream about a house with strange carpet and locked windows.

The girl is terrified by this dream, and moves into a new town down the road. However, the house she moves into appears to be the house from her dream.

I won’t spoil what happens next, but you can probably guess.


2-The Big Toe


The infamous foot

The infamous foot/Image via Bloody Disgusting


This is another classic creature. The story describes a young boy finding a big toe sticking out of the ground. He pulls until it pops from the dirt, and brings it home to his mother. She cooks it up in a stew, and their whole family enjoys a slice of toe with their meal.

That night the boy hears a voice out in the street moaning, “Where is my toe?”

We hear this voice in the trailer, on top of seeing the creature it comes from. In the book, we have no description of what this monster looks like. The little boy only hears it groan in pain, before hiding under his blankets, making the monster we see in one of the only ones not based on the book’s original Stephen Gamell illustrations.

The only other original creature we can see in the trailer is The Jangly Man.


1-The Jangly Man


Guillermo del Toro's horrifying creation The Jangly Man

Guillermo del Toro’s horrifying creation The Jangly Man/Image via Highsnobiety


The Jangly Man is the only monster in the trailer who has no relation to the book. He’s a creation from Guillermo del Toro, monster connoisseur and producer behind this film. Toro is known for his work on Pan’s Labyrinth, and Shape of Water where his knack for bringing non-human creatures to life was used to the fullest extent.

The Jangly Man is an amalgamation of several different Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark characters, giving him a twisted and ‘stitched-together’ kind of appearance. According to Polygon, del Toro stated that “The difficulty with this was to not do a normal decomposing corpse that you’ve seen a million times, but to truly try to give it evil.”

The Jangly Man is played by Troy James, a contortionist, and according to the trailer his skills are used to the fullest extent.




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Top Seven Most Obscure Creatures in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter universe is full of all kinds of magical creatures, from the terrifying Dementors to the majestic Phoenixes to the spooky Boggarts to the lumbering Mountain Trolls. But how about some of the lesser known critters of the Potterverse? The most obscure critters that nevertheless flesh out of the universe? Let’s count down some of the best ones of the Potterverse and give them the love they deserve!

Image via Harry Potter wiki

7. Hinkypunk

Hinkypunks may look beautiful, but they’re actually quite sinister little critters. These creatures manifest as glowing beacons of light holding onto lanterns, appearing before lost travelers and luring them onto backroads or further into the wilderness. Little tricksters, their purpose is to screw with travelers and get them even more lost than they already are.

Image via Harry Potter wiki

6. Snallygaster

Snallygasters are hybrid monsters, combining the traits of birds and reptiles into one ugly looking beast. Native to the United States, they don’t go out of their way to hunt down people but they’re not exactly shy either, making their presence known if you invade their territory. They’re quite tough if you happen to mess with them, with vicious teeth and a hide tough enough to resist magic spells along with gunfire. Still, they’re relatively harmless otherwise, just leave them alone and they’ll do the same to you.

Image via Harry Potter wiki

5. Demiguise 

Demiguise are peaceful ape-like creatures that hail from the Far East and have the unique ability to hide from others by turning invisible. Completely unseen to muggles, only trained witches and wizards can hunt them down and even they need special training. But the demiguise’s pelt has the unique ability to create Invisibility cloaks, make them sought after despite their peaceful nature and shyness.



Image via Pottermore

4. Horned Serpent

Horned serpents are wise and benevolent creatures that dwell in the United States. Each serpent has a magical jewel in their heads, which can imbue witches and wizards with extremely rare magical properties. Some witches and wizards spend lifetimes searching for one, desperate for the powers these serpents can bestow. Some of the powers they can gift are invisibility and flight. Their jewels can also been used to power wands as their cores.

Image via Pottermore

3. Blast-ended skrewt 

Blast-Ended Skrewts are the horrifying union between manticores and fire crabs. They resemble a union between scorpions and lobsters, while also being extremely bad tempered and can spew fire out of their bodies. Naturally, no one in their right mind would get near these things. Naturally, Hagrid took a liking to them and make them a centerpiece of his Care of Magical Creatures class, forcing Harry and his friends to deal with this horrible abominations. Luckily, they don’t exist in the wild, being entirely creatures created through unnatural means.

Image via Harry Potter wiki

2. Lethifold

Another creepy critter, lethifolds are believed to be related to dementors and certainly look rather similar in look and behavior. Its a rare monster that has only been sighted in the tropics and resembles a dark, black cloak. It hunts humans by silently gliding into someone’s house and suffocates the victim, consuming them and leaving nothing but an empty bed behind. Luckily, the Patronus charm can blast them off but that seems to be the only thing that can ward them away.

Image via Pottermore

1. hidebehind

Hidebehinds are vicious creatures that have resulted from breeding between a Demiguise and a ghoul. It can shift its shape, allowing it hide behind objects, mostly often lurking just out of sight behind trees. It disturbingly preys exclusively on humans, perhaps because they are the result when man accidentally breeds the Demiguise with a ghoul. Hidebehinds live in the United States and, though most of their territory is around Massachusetts, they can be found in any wood, lurking just out of sight.


Featured Image Via Harry Potter Wiki 

Top 4 Books About Awesome Giant Monsters

Giant monsters are awesome! Often appearing as antagonistic forces towards the heroes throughout literature, they take the form of great beasts, huge dragons, and other forms of giant wildlife. With the new film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters looming on the horizon, here are several books about giant monsters to sate the city-destroying, monster fighting appetites of literature fans. Look out, here they come!


4. Leviathan by Jared Sandman


A huge whale-like beast swims in the ocean seas

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Leviathan chronicles the discovery of a giant monster in the Caribbean, found by a marine biologist called Kelly Andrews. Two separate expeditions begin to race to find the giant monster, one led by Andrews with the intention to study it, the other to find and kill the monster. Named ‘Leviathan’, the beast proves itself to be very real and far more ancient than anyone could be suspected. This is a B movie as a novel and it knows it, but it’s a very fun ride.


3. Shambling towards Hiroshima by James Morrow


A shadow of a man stands in the shadow of a giant monster against the backdrop of a nuclear sign

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There are no real giant monsters in this novel but it is no less compelling and a great read for any movie/giant monster films. A Hollywood B-movie actor is enlisted into a government propaganda film, donning a giant rubber monster suit and simulate an attack on a Japanese city. Designed to scare the Japanese into surrendering to avoid the use of nuclear weapons, the novel blends hilarious Hollywood satire with a love of corny monsters and real world history that adds an aura of tragedy to the entire affair.


2. Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson


A giant monster towers in a destroyed city

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Project Nemesis  is a classic giant monster novel. The story follows Jon Hudson, a government agent in a dead-end job in a paranormal division, which hasn’t yielded anything and leaves him bored out of his skull. But when he and his team finds an abandoned research facility, a monster escapes from the facility, codenamed ‘Nemesis’. Nemesis begins to evolve, mutating into a giant monster that’s headed straight for a major city: Boston. As the military mobilizes, Hudson struggles in a race against time to find the monster’s origins and stop it before it destroys Boston.


1. Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters by Various authors


A giant monster looms large in a burning city

Image via Amazon

This collection is an anthology collection, showcasing numerous short stories centered around giant monsters from a variety of science fiction authors. The anthology contains numerous compelling short stories around giant beasts, such as a giant orca-man who becomes famous for trashing Hollywood, a demonic lamb Vs the Statue of Liberty in an ultimate showdown, Greek demigod monsters being summoned to fight in World War II, or a collection of miners unearthing a giant monster in the Old West by accident. With so many stories in here, there’s enough monster action to satisfy any Godzilla fan! Check it out!

What are some of your favorite giant monster books? Let us know in the comments!



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