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‘Y: The Last Man’ Series Gets New Showrunner…Again

I wrote an article called “Y: The Last Man’ TV Adaptation Will Be Made…Eventually,” and that certainly rings true today. The show will be made, but first all the dominoes need to fall in place instead of blowing across the table like a torn up piece of tissue.


Aida Croal and Michael Green
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In that article, dated April 16th, I wrote that Aida Croal and Michael Green had announced on the 15th via Twitter that they were exiting the show.



To conclude the article, I wrote that “…Aida Croal and Michael Green are out. FX is still moving forward with the project, marching forth. Hopefully the next development is a good one and not another setback.”



In retrospect, these few sentences are genius. Not only do they state the obvious, but they provide a neat transition to our latest update: Eliza Clark, executive producer on Animal Kingdom, has been hired as the writer, executive producer and new showrunner for the TV adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

Let’s get the basics out of the way:


Another "Y: The Last Man" Cover
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Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic science fiction comic book series that centers around Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand, the only males who survived the apparent global androcide. The series was authored by Brian K. Vaughan, also known for his work on Saga, Ex Machina, and Pia Guerra, has worked in the comics industry since the 1990s for both DC and Marvel comics. It was published by Vertigo from 2002 through 2008.

The series received three Eisner Awards, but before it was even completed, the film rights to the series were acquired by Vertigo’s sister company New Line Cinema.

Fast forward to over a decade later and Deadline is reporting that Eliza Clark is the newest showrunner on the project.


Nina Jacobson

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Executive producer Nina Jacobson, who produced Hunger Games and Crazy Rich Asians, is quoted as saying, “We were chasing Eliza Clark as a writer long before we knew that she shared our obsession with Y: The Last Man.”

Well they got her, now let’s hope they keep her.



For the record, in addition to Clark and Jacobson, Brad Simpson, also a producer on Crazy Rich Asians, author of Y: The Last Man Brian K. Vaughan, and Melina Matsoukas, director for the TV series, Insecure, are all executive producing. Matsoukas also directed the pilot episode, although that episode is expected to undergo changes given that Clark is now on board.

FX President of Original Programming Nick Grad noted that, “We are thrilled to have her on board and partner with this stellar cast, Brian, Nina, Brad and Melina.”


Barry Keoghan

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For the record, Barry Keoghan, from The Killing of the Sacred Deer and Dunkirk has been already cast as Yorick Brown, the last surviving human with a Y chromosome.


Diane Lane

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According to Flickering Myth, Diane Lane, the mom in Inside Out and Martha Kent in Man of Steel, will play Yorick’s mother Senator Jennifer Brown.


Imogen Poots

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Imogen Poots, who portrayed Amber in Green Room, will play Yorick’s sister Hero Brown.


Lashana Lynch

Image Via Vulture


Lashana Lynch, who portrayed Maria Rambeau in Capital Marvel, will play Secret Service operative Agent 355.


Juliana Canfield

Image Via ysd.yale.edu


Juliana Canfield, who portrayed Jess Jordan in Succession, will play Yorick’s love-interest Beth.


Marin Ireland

Image Via IMDB


Marin Ireland, who portrayed Debbie Howard in Hell or High Water, will play Nora, right hand to the president.



Clark herself has said that, “I’m thrilled to tell this story and to be working with this immensely talented cast.”

Well, let’s hope she works out, and let’s all remember that when the show premieres in 2020, even if it’s terrible, it’ll still be a miracle that this adaptation was even made.



Featured Image Via Greek Tyrant

Image via Variety

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Kevin Kwan Producing Two New Asian-Led Shows

Kevin Kwan, author of the Crazy Rich Asian trilogy, rolled out the red carpet for the movie of the same name and now he will be rolling it out for his new upcoming multi-cam comedy series titled, The Emperor of Malibu. The Emperor of Malibu, which will be written and executive produced by Kevin Kwan, will focus on two families, one from Shanghai with new money and the other from an old money family from the East Coast of the U.S. They must learn to coexist with one another when their children decide to get married.



Image via CBS Chicago

Image via CBS Chicago



The CBS comedy show will be made up of mostly Asian cast. This show will mark one of the many projects that Kevin Kwan will be producing along with a project he is creating for Amazon. Right now, everything is still in the writing room and a trailer or preview of the new upcoming shows have yet to release any videos or pictures. However, I know I’m looking forward to his new series.



Featured Image Via Variety

book cover movie poster

Top 7 Books for Fans of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to Get Crazy About

Crazy Rich Asians, the movie adaptation of the novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan, is emerging as the # 1 movie at the box office this summer. The movie has helped push Asian culture and diversity into the spotlight due to its familiar themes of cultural expectations, family, and loyalty.


It is creating a surge of interest from its audience that makes them crave for more after the movie. After hanging with the cast of Crazy Rich Asians in the beautiful country of Singapore, run to your nearest bookstore and dive into a book that will feed your hunger for your appreciation for authors of Asian descent. 




Image via Slate


1. The Windfall by Diksha Basu


image by Penguin Randon House

Image via Penguin Random House

Published in 2017, the story focuses on Mr. and Mrs. Jha who, for the past thirty years, are complacent in their humble yet cramped living quarters. However, when Mr. Jha come into an enormous amount of money, their wholes lives are changed as they plummet into the new world of the high society that puts their pride and family on the line.



2. Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata



Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon


Awkward and strange, Convenience Store Woman follows the life of thirty-six-year-old Keiko Furukura who has dedicated her life to working at her local convenience store. Single (never had a boyfriend) and not living up to societal and her family’s expectations, she finds herself to be a bit of disappointment. When she encounters the cynical and bitter new male employee, she finds that her comfortable way of life will be completely flipped upside down by this new arrivals presence.



3. The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar


Space Between Us

Image via Amazon


Rich, poor, abused and loss. Two women, different societal status, a middle-class housewife and her maid, share an achingly deep bond with one another as both struggle to support each other through abuse, poverty, shame, and despair. Thrity Umrigar delves into their lives, showcasing that though they are separate from each other based on the views of society and wealth, they share the same pain and lean on each other through the worst times.



4. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee



Image via Readings


A shy and vulnerable daughter of a fisherman, Sunja becomes the favorite of an older man, they quickly bond and their relationship become intimate which leads her to be pregnant. After finding out the older man is a married Yakuza, she decides she will not be bought and to prevent bringing shame down upon her family, she is offered marriage by a generous Christian minister who brings her to Japan.



5. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


Kite Runner

Image via Penguin Random House


An unlikely relationship between a wealthy young boy and an outcast blossoms but is tested as the pressures of the caste systems threatens to break them apart. Through acts of betrayal and cowardice, the boys are forced apart until fate brings them together a year later in an act of secrets, heartbreak and death.



6. Out by Natsuo Kirino



Image via Feministing


Fed up with her dead-end life, a boxed lunch factory worker murders her gambling husband one night sending her family’s lives into a violent crime world. Trying to dodge the detectives and their inquiries, they try to make best of the life they have been thrown into.



7. American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang 



Image via Amazon


Fitting in has never been so hard especially when Jin moves into a new neighborhood and is the only Chinese-American there. Constantly targeted for bullying and teasing, he finds himself being stretched in three different directions that questions who is as a person, who he wants to be and whether he can still remain the way he is.


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