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Moby Dick

10 Literary Christmas Trees That Will Spark Your Holiday Spirit

The holidays are finally upon us which means last minute holiday shopping, trying desperately to figure out what so-and-so wants (you ask them just to be met with “it doesn’t matter” even though you both know that’s not true), family reunions (let’s be honest, half of the time they end in tears and I don’t mean the happy ones), and the need to decorate your house in a way which both pleases you and impresses your family and friends. 


On a lighter note, the holidays mean the perfect time to dust off your glue gun, try to find those tiny scissors that somehow keep disappearing, and get ready for some arts and crafts. If you’re naturally a creative and crafty person, then this is pretty much the best time of the year. If you’re not a natural artist, you may just find yourself dabbling in the arts after you hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” the third time on your way to work. 


If you’re searching for a new crafty project, then look no further. Here are ten literary christmas trees that you can emulate in your home! 




Image Via The Hallmark Channel


Check out this easy DIY here.




Image Via Interiorish/Pinterest




Image Via ThoughtsfromAlice/Pinterest




Image Via BookBub/Pinterest



book tree

Image Via BookBub/Pinterest




Image Via Royal Roaster/Tumblr




Image Via Autumn Leaves/Tumblr





Image Via Karen Krut/Tumblr




Image Via King Collector/Tumblr





Image Via Cuatroveintiuno/Tumblr


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 




Featured image courtesy of ‘The Hallmark Channel’

Malena Valcarcel

This Artist Turned Old Books Into Whimsical Papercraft

We’ve all been there, folks: after a good room cleaning and rearranging we stumble across all the books we’ve left behind that we no longer desire. Whether a school book or one of leisure, it’s not that we didn’t enjoy them, they’re just sort of…collecting dust now. 


Donating them, selling them, or giving them away to a friend is always nice, but sometimes letting go of them is just a drag. It’s like you’re insulting them! Yes, I know books are inanimate objects, but I refuse to see them as such because what if they could gain another life? They could and this artist proves it. 


Malena Valcarcel has taken her art to a whole new level by upcycling (i.e. creatively repurposing) older books into detailed and whimsical papercrafts. With great care taken in cutting, gluing, coloring, and designing little figures and notable literary features, we are able to gaze upon the beauty that these renewed pages have to offer. Take a gander at these:


Malena Valcarcel

Image Via Etsy


Malena Valcarcel

Image Via Etsy


Malena Valcarcel

Image Via Etsy


Malena Valcarcel

Image Via Etsy


Malena Valcarcel

Image Via Etsy


These are so dainty and detailed that they can only charm whoever happens upon them. Although they’re not the cheapest due to the demanding work and creativity it takes to make them, it’s still worth it to check out the artist’s Etsy account. These oldies but goodies surely got that second chance.


Feature Image Via Etsy

Book being bound

How Books Are Bound Is Actually Super Cool

The craft of bookbinding has been in development for well over a thousand years. Although a lot of the books you and I read go through a commercial binding process, many craftspeople still do their cutting, measuring, and gluing by hand.


The Binding Studio in New Zealand is home to one such binder, Louise James. James started binding in 2001 and opened her home-based studio in 2009. The Binding Studio creates bespoke bindings for special orders. James takes the orders, does the measuring, crafts the binding, and ships it essentially by herself. She’s a classic bookbinder.


To get an idea of the meticulous process behind bookbinding, check out this gorgeous video!


The Binding Studio from Joseph Jowitt on Vimeo.


If you have a product you’d like bound by The Binding Studio, give them a shout here.


Feature Image Via iBookBinding