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Jacqueline Woodson Reveals the Cover of Her New Book!

Exciting news for Jacqueline Woodson fans! An award winning author, Jacqueline Woodson has written more than two dozen books throughout her career, covering multiple genres and writing for children, young adults, and adults. She’s won the Newberry Medal of Honor several times and the 2014 National Book Award for her New York Times bestseller Brown Girl DreamingNow, according to The Oprah Magazine, Jacqueline is releasing a new book called Red at the Bone. 


Image via The oprah Magazine


The cover of Woodson’s book features the silhouette of a young girl against a collage of different colors. Red at the Bone takes place in Brooklyn and looks to be dealing with similar themes of diversity, race, economic anxiety, and other themes of the New York borough that Woodson considers ‘ripe for a narrative.’

She also hopes her new book will be able to cross literary genres in order to offer a voice to both young and old to make real change to the community, as well as offering a new perspective that isn’t often addressed. She’s drawing influence from her own environment, from poor management of schools, African-American culture, and her own background of growing up.

Red at the Bone is due September 17th but this looks like a great novel to pick up. Are you excited? Tell us in the comments!



Featured Image Via The Oprah Magazine