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5 Surreal Cookbooks for Mesmerizingly Realistic Cakes

So, that cake meme. It’s utterly mesmerizing and mind-boggling at the same time. It’s also inspiring, apparently, as it has spawned both many jokes and many cakes. So, for those of you who want to get in on the action, here are some cake cookbooks for you to test out. And if your baking skills are a little subpar, at least compared to your meme skills, you can just look at the pretty pictures if you want. No one’s judging.


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1. How to Cake It: A Cakebook by Yolanda Gampp

If you want your cake recipes to come with mesmerizing videos, which—let’s be honest—you probably do, How to Cake It is for you! Yolanda Gampp is the cake artist of How to Cake It, a YouTube channel and business. You can find everything from videos of a piece of steak, which is actually cake, to a giant banana, which is also actually cake. Or what about a checkers board made of cake, which you can really play on? Or maybe you’re actually more of a cookie person. You should check out this massive pile of cookies—oh wait, it’s actually cake.

How to Cake It: A Cakebook includes recipes and tips for how to make eighteen crazy cakes, so you can make your own realistic cakes. This book has got easier recipes, with no carving and simple fondant decorations, as well as more difficult ones for the advanced cake decorators. And for the truly aspirational cake artists, How to Cake It has recipes for realistic cakes with carving, painting, and gum paste work. So if you want to learn to make a Candy Apple cake, a Party Hat cake, a Rainbow Grilled Cheese cake, a Toy Bulldozer cake, or even a Golden Pyramid cake with a secret treasure chamber, go check out How to Cake It!


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2. Twisted Cakes: Deliciously Evil Cakes for Every Occasion by Debbie Goard

Okay, this one is for people who love scary movies, Halloween, and/or creepy crawlies. Debbie Goard is an award-winning cake artist, and the owner of Debbie Does Cakes. You only have to click on that link to see some of the amazing work she’s done with cake. While that might look like a car, or mac and cheese, it’s actually cake. Just imagine—you open up your door, and at your feet is an Amazon package. Excited, you lean down to grab it, thinking it’s the electric mixer you just ordered. But you pick it up, and it’s cake.

And in Twisted Cakes, she explores the darker side of this beloved dessert. These showstopping designs and recipes will help you make whatever deliciously evil cake you desire. And this cake cookbook will appeal to both the novice and expert cake decorator, with a variety of recipes of differing levels of difficulty. You can make the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull cake, the Creepy Clown cake, the Venus Fly Trap cake, the Can of Worms cake, and so much more. And, if you’re a visual learner or even just in it for the pics, these cakes are accompanied by full-color photos. So take a look at Twisted Cakes!


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3. Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad! by Christine McConnell

Prepare to be deceived, because this book is out to confuse and confound you. Christine McConnell is a stylist, photographer, artist, baker, cake artist, and overall super creative person. In this book, she “transforms the ordinary into the extroardinary.” Her recipes are inspired by Tim Burton, Wes Craven, Alfred Hitchcock, and Vincent Price, but with her own twist that really shakes it up—these are desserts, not movies.

Deceptive Desserts is a cookbook that’ll teach you how to make a full classic dinner made solely out of dessert—doughnuts that look like chicken drumsticks, green beans made of candy, and mashed potatoes that are actually ice cream. So if you want to creative with all kinds of desserts and/or figure out how to play the ultimate prank on your friends or family, this book is for you!


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4. Cake My Day!: Easy, Eye-Popping Designs for Stunning, Fanciful, and Funny Cakes by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

Imagine this: you go to a fancy dinner party, and the hosts have set out a platter of cheese for guests to snack on before the meal. Being a big fan of Swiss cheese and rather partial to Brie, you reach out to cut into the cheese for a slice. But then—cake. Embarrassed, you head to the door and stick your foot into your sneakers. But then your foot is covered in cake, because the sneaker was also cake.

Whether it’s cheese, sneakers, a guitar, or a vacuum cleaner, it’s definitely cake. Cake My Day! includes the recipes for making these realistic cakes and more. For example, do you like to start off your day with a nice toasted bagel? Well, with this amazing and creative book, you can make a cake toaster, complete with donuts for the bagels. And what else would you expect, from the “cake whisperer” herself, Karen Tack?

So, if you want to make some seriously confusing cakes, go check out Cake My Day! for so many illusion cake recipes that you’ll actually start questioning what’s real and what’s cake.


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5. Sensational Sculpted Cakes by Rose Macefield

A Shih Tzu show dog. A rocker’s electric guitar. A teenage girl’s fashion sneakers and makeup clutter. A fishing rod and basket. A tennis racket and ball. What do all of these seemingly random things have in common? Well, they’re all cake, of course. Or at least they can be, with the recipes and instructions from Sensational Sculpted Cakes. Rose Macefield is an award-winning cake artist with no limits to her imagination when it comes to cake.

In fact, even though it seems nigh impossible, we’re about to get even more meta. Do you want to use your electric mixer to create an electric mixer cake? And then use your electric mixer cake to create another electric mixer cake? And then, exhausted, you reach for one of the cookies you’d been saving all week but then they’re also cake. Seriously, go take a look at Sensational Sculpted Cakes if you want the world—and the cake—to get super surreal.

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