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Marie Lu’s ‘Warcross’ Set to Hit the Screen as a Television Series

'Warcross,' Marie Lu's science fiction sensation is coming to the screen in the form of a television series. Bruna Papandrea's Made up Stories and John Cameron have optioned for the adaptation, read to learn more!

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Larry Tesler, Creator of Cut, Copy, & Paste, Dead at 74

Fellow readers and writers!  How often do you use the cut, copy, and paste function on your computers?  Did you know that there was someone who invented that function, something that you may use every day?  His name was Larry Tesler!  Unfortunately, a new article by BBC states that Larry has just died at 74, while detailing his accomplishments as a computer scientist.


image via bbc


Tesler grew up in New York City and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1961.  He then went on to study computer science at Stanford University in the 1960s.  After he graduated, he worked as a consultant, offering his programming services in the area.  As this kind of work dried up, he began working at Midpeninsula Free University and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  Eventually, Tesler worked at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.



As he worked at various centers, he began to develop the idea that computer software should be modeless, where all actions are available to a user instead of the user having to switch modes to perform specific actions on a computer.  He also began to work alongside Tim Mott, writing down ideas for the future of computer software and designing easy-to-use graphic user interfaces with icons representing documents.


image via bbc


Tesler even worked for Apple in the 80s, working to help develop the Apple Lisa, which would soon become the first Apple Macintosh.  The cut, copy, and paste function that he invented had debuted on the first Macintosh that he was helping with.



Although Tesler is gone, his contributions as a computer scientist won’t be forgotten, and we can keep cutting, copying, and pasting things on our computers in his memory.


featured image via 9to5mac


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