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“Violent” Children’s Book Causes Uproar with Parents

Singer-songwriter Rhett Miller’s, No More Poems!: A Book In Verse That Just Gets Worse, is attracting all sorts of controversy and uproar after rubbing families the wrong way.

WXYZ reports that school teacher and mother to two young girls, Kayla Sykes, bought a copy from Costco to read her children. She later came across one of the book’s controversial poems that made her feel as though she was going to “vomit.”


no more poems

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The poem titled “Brotherly Love,” follows a girl who has to deal with her annoying little brother, and is rather violent about it.


One verse reads:


Feed your brother poison.

Maybe drop him down a well.

And I’m the one who’ll wind up.

Living in a prison cell.


Amazon markets the book toward children ages seven to ten. It goes without saying that this age range isn’t quite accurate.

Angry tweeters are currently calling for the book to be boycotted, and Costco has already pulled the book from a number of its stores.



Miller tweeted about his disappointment to the book’s backlash.




Featured Image via WXYZ