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Nabu of Andros’ Bumble Profile: He’ll Forever Be Yours

Welcome to our first ever anti-literary f*ck boy profile! Its the month of love we will explore characters we wouldn't be ashamed to bring home. First up, Nabu!

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‘WandaVision’ Episode 4 Explained

First of all, I love being right! I know I wasn’t the only one to believe everything was in Wanda’s head or a creation of Wanda’s in some way but I was still right!

It was clear from the first episode of ‘WandaVision’ that Marvel wasn’t here to play around. But episode 4 is putting all of it’s siblings to shame. Episode 4 put them to bed and said don’t even worry about it sweetheart! Episode 4 is literally the Beyoncé to all of the Destiny’s children!



We start off the episode learning about Geraldine, a.k.a., Monica Rambeau and how she fits in to this madness. If you want to read a fabulous article on Monica and her past check out my girl Stacey’s, you won’t regret it!


Okay, so now that I’m sure you’ve read everything about Monica, I won’t touch much on her here but let’s get right into big reveals.

We are finally reintroduced to Darcy, played by Kat Denning’s and who is a Marvel alum being apart of the first two Thor movies as a scientist on Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) team. After Monica gets sucked in Westview which was a town that “never existed”, the FBI and presumably SWORD organized Darcy and bunch of the scientists to study the area.

Through some television science, Darcy was able to see the show as we saw it, a sitcom. They watched all the happenings and found that the missing people were actually usurped into participating in the show because of Wanda. At this point they are still not sure who or what I causing the anomaly. So in Episode 1, when we talked about how the camera pans back to reveal someone closing their notebook and watching them, it turned out to be Darcey!

The FBI team sent in drones to gather footage but they never came back and it turned out that red helicopter Wanda finds in Episode 2 is drone that was transformed because of the barrier. Darcey comes up with the plan to tap into the radio and the voice we hear is Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), the FBI agent, trying to get in contact with her. Also they sent an agent in hazmat suit to crawl through the pipes underneath the town to get in. He changes and becomes the bee keeper we see crawl out of the man hole.



As they continue to monitor what’s going on, Darcy notices the temporal anomalies like when Wanda rewinds time to end things the way she wants them to. We get to Episode 3 and they see that Geraldine a.k.a Monica wakes up from the Matrix and brings up Ultron. We then get to see what was missing when the episode aired. Wanda questions Geraldine but she didn’t have an answer for her. Wanda then literally throws her out of her house through a wall, a fence, some more walls then eventually out of the barrier completely.

She fixes everything just before Vision rejoins her inside. She gets a flash of Visions’ face looking very dead but he returns to normal. He asks where Geraldine went, and Wanda says she had to go home. We can tell that Vision is put off and in a quick shot we see him look scared because he fully knows something isn’t right. They end the show in front to the couch again. Outside of West View the agents rush to Geraldine after her landing and we are left with her saying. “It’s all Wanda.”

Whew, girl! Was that a ride or what? Again, Episode 4 really said-



Now, for me there really is nothing left to theorize unless we want to talk about how it might end,  the twin’s futures and what could be next for Wanda. It seems clear that Wanda is going to have to want out on her own. They can’t just brute force their way through the barrier, take and her and shake her out of it. Something is going to happen to make Wanda face reality whether she wants to or not. And I have a feeling that it might really hurt.

What did you guys think?? Go off below! And feel free to share your theories.

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‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Manga Series Saves Tokyo Bookstores

Before the pandemic and four years before this current date, bookstores were failing in Tokyo, Japan. Book sales were at an all-time low with the rise of e-books, and stores were on the brink of bankruptcy. In 2019, however, a shift was visible in the book market and sales started to rise steadily—the main reason, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the manga series. 

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