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Hulu May Revive Marvel TV Series, and We’re Thrilled

Nothing sucks more than when a series you love is cancelled, except when several series that are all inter-connected and all bad-ass are cancelled one after another! Yeah, nothing sucks more than that. Rarely do these cancelled shows ever see the light of day again, but Netflix’s Marvel series just might have a chance!

With regards to the reason why Netflix cancelled its Marvel series, nobody knows for sure… although articles have speculated with few concrete details. Alas, there is still no definite news from the streaming organization itself or even from Disney or Marvel Studios.


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The Characters (from Left to Right): Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, Matt Murdock, Luke Cage. | Image via Netflix/Marvel Studios.


One article from Forbes does give very intriguing and plausible explanations as to what really has been going on. It’s a bit of a long read for sure, but it covers all the business and politics that could be to blame. Speculations include that, while Marvel shows do have a large viewership on Netflix, they don’t attract new viewers… which mean purchasing the shows would have little payoff. While there may be other reasons, this one seems logical.

Regardless, there is now talk of Hulu picking up where Netflix left off with Disney closing an ownership deal with Hulu.


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Photograph of Craig Erwich. | Image via The Hollywood Reporter.


Craig Erwich, Hulu’s senior vice president of originals, spoke with Hollywood magazine The Wrap:


Hulu remains open for business with Marvel, and that includes any title under the comic book powerhouse. Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be interested in. It kind of just depends on when they’re ready, [and] who, most importantly, is going to be behind these things.


For now, Hulu has agreed to work on the adult animated series Howard the Duck, M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, and Tigra & Dazzler. All four shows will be produced by Marvel TV, and they will culminate in a crossover special called The Offenders.


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The Offenders. | Image via Geeks Worldwide.


The aforementioned interview yielded more juicy details:


The deal with Hulu is very similar to the one Marvel TV signed with Netflix back in 2015, in which the studio was to produce four live-action series that also culminated with a team-up special. Erwich said that, though the deal may look similar, they weren’t trying to copy what Marvel and Netflix did.


Let’s hope that it isn’t too much of a copy, because I don’t think fans could handle any more cancellations. For now though, things seem to be a little up in the air in regards to reviving the Netflix series.

Of course, it may take some time for Hulu to take up the mantle of continuing these series since Netflix still has The Punisher and Jessica Jones to air later this year.



Featured Image via Netflix/Marvel Studios.

New Star Wars Comic Books and Novels to Tie-In With Incredible Theme Park

Disneyland’s new Star Wars themed attraction, Galaxy’s Edge, is coming next year. But unlike most themed areas in amusement parks, this one ties directly into the Star Wars canon. In anticipation for the opening, Disney is releasing new tie-in material to help explain the backstory of this new attraction.


This includes the new novel Black Spire which is written by Delilah S. Dawson, the same author of the movie tie-in novel Phasma. It will tell the story of how General Leia dispatched a top spy to the planet of Batuu (a location in the park) in search of Resistance fighters.


The cover for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire.

Image Via StarWars.com

Two more novels are also on their way. A Crash Of Fate will be a young adult novel about two friends separated at a young are only to reunite on Batuu as two vastly different people. Star Wars: Myths and Fables will be a collection of stories centered around various areas in the Star Wars galaxies, with two directly tying into Galaxy’s Edge.


The cover for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge A Crash of Fate.

The cover for Star Wars: Myths and Fables

Images Via StarWars.com


A five-issue comic book miniseries will also debut this April titled Galaxy’s Edge and will follow a series of smugglers and merchants around Batuu and other edges of the galaxy.


Does this make you more excited for the upcoming park?



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Chuck Palahniuk and the cover of 'Fight Club 3'

Chuck Palahniuk Is Writing ‘Fight Club 3’ and It’s a Little Different…

Ah, Fight Club. Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel about an unnamed insomniac narrator finding solace in beating the absolute heck out of other people—and being beaten back in turn— that winds through a mind-boggling plot, driven by the novel’s demented antagonist, Tyler Durden. The story ends with one of the most startling twists in fiction, and has earned an enormous following and birthed several beloved quotes, including: “The things you used to own, now they own you.” and “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”


Cover of 'Fight Club'

Image via AbeBooks


The novel was left as a standalone until 2015, when Fight Club 2: The Tranquility Gambit was released. Fight Club 2 is a comic book “meta-sequel” to its predecessor, and continues the story of the original protagonist as told by the original antagonist (no spoilers, but if you know how Fight Club ends that plot device is way more compelling then your typical antagonist-as-narrator story).


Cover of 'Fight Club 2'

Image via Amazon


Now, Palahniuk has just announced that Fight Club 3 is on its way! This upcoming installment will throw a new complication into the already chaotic Fight Club universe: a child. There’s no telling what Tyler Durden is going to do now that he’s got to deal with a baby around but I, for one, am deeply concerned.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Palahniuk gave this little tidbit about the comic:


Fight Club 3 is about what happens when you need to team up with your enemy,” Palahniuk said in a statement. “And the situation is even more complicated here, given Tyler Durden and Balthazar’s unique relationship. And, yes, bodily fluids will be exchanged.


Sounds gross but cool, much as I would expect from Palahniuk. The first issue of the comic will be published by Dark Horse Comics on January 30th, which ought to be plenty of time for all of us to catch up on the series.


Cover and variant covers of 'Fight Club 3'

Image via Comic Book Resources


Featured Image Via Flavorwire and Comic Book Resources

Brie Larson

Brie Larson Kicks Butt in Her New Captain Marvel Photos!

Marvel has a history of recruiting some of the coolest celebs to bring their superheroes to life. From Robert Downey to ScarJo to Chris Evans, they have all the best actors playing the characters we hold in high esteem. We don’t take it lightly. Of course, now, they’ve got another.


Brie Larson

 Image Via Vanity Fair

Oscar-winning actor Brie Larson had her first ever Captain Marvel photos revealed this week. She was announced as the lead role back in 2016 and ever since, fans have been buzzing about how Carol Danvers (best known as Captain Marvel) will fly off the page and onto the screen. Her attire is a bit different than in the original comic; the colors are deeper, the sash is replaced with a belt, and the actual material doesn’t look like that infamous superhero spandex. We’re not complaining though.


Captain Marvel

 Image Via Amazon

The character, created in 1968, has always had a specific look that fans have come to know and love. Her fierce mohawk, often accompanied with a kick-ass helmet are a trademark look within the comic series. However, Kelly Sue DeConnick spoke with Vanity Fair about the costume controversy.


What works in comic books and what works in live action is very different. You want to have a sense of that? Just walk around a comic-book convention. See the dudes who champion these very skimpy costumes judging women and berating them for wearing it in real life. What will work on the page and what will work in three dimensions is very different.


Even Larson herself is getting tweets about what fans think should be done: “Every day I have people yelling at me on Twitter like, ‘You better have long hair’ or ‘You better have a mohawk’ or ‘You better wear the helmet’ or ‘You better not wear the helmet.’ Someone’s going to be mad.”


Clearly, these fans are serious about the latest superhero to hit theaters. Can you blame them? But after these photos I think it’s safe to say they’re as satisfied as they are excited. The film is still six months away, but we can’t help but embrace the fierceness and bad-ass qualities that Captain Marvel is known for.


Also keep an eye out for Larson’s counterpart, Jude Law, set to play the leader of the Kree people, a super advanced alien race.


Jude Law

 Image Via Entertainment Weekly


“He is driven by a belief in the divine leadership of the Kree people,” Law tells Entertainment Weekly. “So he’s almost a devout warrior– unquestioning, conservative, but inspirational.” It sounds like these two are going to have some serious parts to play, but surely they can handle it whatever Marvel throws at them.



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