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‘The Far Side’ is Getting a New Online Presence

Gary Larson’s beloved one-panel comic series graced newspapers and magazines for fifteen years in the 80’s and 90’s. The panels included iconic characters like cavemen and cows in surrealist and dark real-life situations that readers could relate to in a twisted kind of way. For the first time since 1995, Larson is teasing new material for his comic strip fit to a modern world.

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“The Far Side” website has been updated for the first time since January 1, 1995 giving fans hope for a resurrection of the beloved comic. The website now shows a cartoon man burning an iceberg full of quintessential characters of “The Far Side” past.


Image via thefarside.com


The picture is captioned with the words “Uncommon, unreal, and (soon-to-be) unfrozen. A new online era of ‘The Far Side’ is coming.”



As the beloved comic adapts to the technology and comedy of 2019, comic fans of all ages can look forward to new material and new dark humor from the celebrated cartoonist after such a long hiatus. No details have been released about when to expect new panels, but we all wait with eagerness to see how Gary Larson will transfer his surrealist dark humor to the darkly comical world of present day.


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Brazil Supreme Court Rebukes Anti-Gay Mayor Over Avengers Kiss

Rio de Janeiro mayor Marcelo Crivella tried to ban an Avengers issue from Brazil's book biennial because two male characters kiss.

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The Surreal Existentialism of ‘Garfield Minus Garfield’

Have you ever seen a Garfield comic and thought, you know what would make this interesting? Garfield not being here. Welcome to the strange angst of Garfield Minus Garfield.

What does the Garfield comic even look like without Garfield, you might ask?



Sure, there are some panels without any text, but the emptiness is kind of the point. Is he just… waiting for wisdom to come? I have no idea, but it makes you think.

I have to confess, I never read Garfield much, though there was a period when I was a child when I really would read comics from the newspaper. I know, when did I grow up, 1920? I’m sure Garfield must have been there. But it was this, later, that really caught my attention. It’s bizarre and relatable. I mean, just look at this.




How did they get this footage of me? I honestly feel attacked. I have no idea what Garfield was doing in this strip, but did he need to be in it? This is a cutting edge meme just like it is. The empty panel. the confusion. Whatever sense of humor this is, I support it.



When you stopped after the first step of the instructions. Also, me when I somehow didn’t do my course work or get any sleep. Why does everything go wrong, John Arbuckle asks? Right, my incredibly poor choices. Called all the way out.

I’m not really here to make a value judgement, but the truth is, “I stan.” You can get the book here.


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Burglar Sells Stolen Comics Back to Rightful Owner by Accident

Martin Casas has been collecting comic books for a long time. A long enough time to acquire over 3,000 of them.

We can only imagine the devastation when all 3,000 of these comic books were stolen from Casas’ storage unit one night, leaving only a destroyed padlock behind.



The Riverfront Times reported on the story, and said that while Casas was deeply upset by the loss of comics that held great sentimental value, he never lost faith that the comic books would find their way back to him.

Casas owns a comic book shop of his own, Apotheosis Comics and Lounge, and he asked his employees to keep their eyes peeled for anyone selling a large amount of comics.


Apotheosis Comics

The inside of Apotheosis Comics and Lounge/Image via St. Louis Magazine


Within days of the comics being stolen, Apotheosis Comics received a call from a woman looking to sell a box of comics. The box was brought in for review, and the Riverfront Times reported that Casas knew the box belonged to him the moment he saw it.

[Casas] had written ‘Cap’ on the side, designating it as a box of Captain America comics. Inside, he searched for one particular comic, the third installment of the Captain America Truth series. He had gotten it years ago and knew his copy had a small red mark on the corner.

Casas found what he was looking for, and immediately informed the police. Casas also called the woman who brought the comics, and offered to buy them for a couple hundred dollars, an exchange she would have to come to the shop to complete.



Save for a slight delay, the woman arrived in the shop as planned. Unbeknownst to her, there was a cop hiding in the attic, another in the basement, and one more ready to arrest her boyfriend who had driven her to the shop. The couple were quickly taken into custody, with Casas waving unassuming customers the whole while.

Casas felt somewhat bad for the pair of burglars, the Riverfront Times reported. He stated:

No one ever wakes up and says, ‘I want to grow up and break into storage units…

Casas’ was simultaneously relieved however, when the pair told police where they could find the other boxes of comics that were stolen from the storage unit.


The recovered comics

The recovered comics/Image via Riverfront Times


He was told to pick them up from the precinct, and all was right with the world, though Casas did state:

It was absolutely the most bizarre 24 hours of my life.



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Webtoons and Where to Start

If you haven’t heard yet, WebToon is a platform for serialized graphic novels. Yeah, these are comics, and some are gorgeously drawn and deeply potted narratives that you don’t want to miss. Here’s our guide on how to get on board, starting by genre.

Webtoon has a website, if you want to see the art blown up, but it’s most alive on the app.



Best of the Best – Lore Olympus 


Lore Olympus 
Image via Webtoon


This comic tops the overall WebToon list with extreme regularity, and for good reason. The art is outrageously beautiful, the characters are complex and compulsively likable (or outrageously easy to hate), and the plotting is gorgeous. Persephone has left the mortal world to go to university on Olympus, but things get complicated almost immediately. This is a must read if you have any interest in myth, fantasy, or just really like fantastic graphic novels.


Paranormal – Krueger & Faust 


Krueger & Faust 
Image via Webtoon


Alice Kruger has been through a lot. No spoilers, but she’s had a bit of a bad year, and now, her cat knocks a pot off a windowsill and hits her on the head. This gives her the power to see supernatural beings, including the monster in her closet? Most people would be understandably put off, but Faust’s alright, and he certainly has problems of his own. Read this if you like a quality combination of paranormal silliness and dire peril.



Action – Phantomland 


Image via Webtoon


This comic has everything – an optimistic rookie paired with a cantankerous vet, a supernatural plague that erases your memories and makes you hard to kill, vaguely sketchy military organizations. The magic is seamlessly embedded in the world, the characters are compelling, and there’s plenty of running around stabbing and shooting people. It’s a classic model done in a very new and interesting way. And it has journalistic integrity.


Intrigue – My Dear Cold Blooded King 


My Dear Cold Blooded King 

Image via Imglogy


Mei is pretty normal. She’s been selling her family’s apples since her brother died in the Blood King’s army. Then she accidentally saves the life of the new Blood King’s young brother, and gets taken to the capital. It turns out her family is more connected to the capital than she thinks, and she’s suddenly on the radar of the Blood King, his chief generals, foreign royalty, and the most fearsome criminal in the empire. Mei is smart and tough and way out of her depth (or anyone’s).



Slice of Life – True Beauty


True Beauty
Image via AuthGram


After being bullied in middle school, Jugyeong decides she’ll learn how to do ‘beauty’ and become popular at her new school, which kind of works. It’s an interesting examination of the weird contradictions of beauty standards, without getting too philosophical or stepping on the story. This comic is funny, heartfelt, and relatable, but watch out for the cliffhangers! This also regularly tops WebToon lists, which it deserves.


Fantasy – Muted


Image via Twitter


Camille’s whole family died in a fire when she was young, and she had to live with her very severe aunt, now head of the Severin witch family. Everything goes (more) wrong when she tries to summon a demon for a rite of passage, and can’t summon a bird like she should. The art is beautiful, and the setting, a manor house in Louisiana, is elegant and immersive. Alligators, gal pals, and family secrets make this a must read.



Romance – Ms. Abbott & the Doctor 


Mrs. Abbot and The Doctor
Image via Anime Planet


This is not your standard romance. Cati Abbott is the orphaned daughter of idealists who died in ‘Amazonia’. Taken home to some more industrialized country by her anthropologist mentor, she’s considered charmingly eccentric, at best. Enter the town’s tight laced doctor. Chaos ensues, and they realize all this petty conflict might be something else.


Crime – Purple Hyacinth 


Purple Hyacinth 
Image via 41a


Lauren has always been able to tell when people are lying to her. After losing someone close to her, she becomes a police officer, but never stops trying to find out what happened. Her power makes her an effective officer, but when an assassin offers her information and help in stopping his boss, and maybe even with her mystery, it’s hard to turn down the opportunity to save lives and find answers.



Comedy – Cursed Princess Club


Cursed Princess Club
Image via Webtoon


Gwendolyn is a bit of an ugly duckling compared to her anime eyed sisters, but this doesn’t bother her or her family. Her very caring father decides that his three daughters will marry his BFF’s three sons, easy as it gets. The only problem is that Gwendolyn’s suitor is terrified of her. Running into the forest so her sisters don’t see her crying and boycott the whole thing, Gwendolyn meets a bunch of other princesses under strange curses.


Foreign Language – Flawless 


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WebToon also publishes foreign language stories translated by fans. Flawless is a strange, philosophical examination of relationships, blindness, and how we treat others. Mostly it’s just fun though. Elios grows up in an orphanage, and when his foster sister gets in trouble, he ropes in Sarah, a local girl who gets into a ton of fights, in order to retrieve his sister. They somehow become friends, and end up going to the same high school. A fun read. (originally published in Indonesian)



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