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Multiple ‘Captain Marvel’ Screenings Trolled

Most people are delighted to see Brie Larson star as Captain Marvel in the latest Hollywood superhero blockbuster, viewing it as a win for diversity. However, reports of antisocial behavior at screenings of the film are surfacing around the US. Sources close to Bookstr have provided an exclusive scoop regarding the trolling of Captain Marvel screenings in theaters.

Moviegoer Jenny Lynn Emperador attended a screening the film with her mother, at 3:45pm on Sunday, and described the behavior she witnessed.

“So basically I was at a normal screening of Captain Marvel at San Francisco’s AMC Metreon. Toward the end of the [opening] credits about, a couple of jerks threw their nacho cheese pretty high at the screen. It disrupted the first credit.”


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Emperador’s sympathies went to the employees who had to go out of their way to clean up the mess. “We let the cleaning staff and they had to [postpone] their next showing I guess to clean the cheese. I feel bad for the staff, the cheese was pretty high on the left side of the screen.”


Another attendee of a Captain Marvel screening, Jeremiah Smith, explained,

“I took the family to see Captain Marvel Saturday afternoon at the Cinemark 8 in Chino Hills, near where we live. The screening was pretty full, lots of families with young kids. Right before the trailers started a group of four or five teenage boys, aged thirteen or fourteen sat near the front. They were being rowdy, pushing each other, but they settled down pretty quickly. About fifteen minutes into the film itself though they started yelling, kicking their seats, throwing garbage behind them, and just acting wild. People were shushing them, telling them to leave, but they didn’t listen. After about five minutes an usher escorted them out. They were yelling “Captain Marvel sucks!” but they left.”


“The film rolled on and everyone had a great time,” Smith continued. “I couldn’t say for sure that it was a protest of the film, but it sure felt like it. What other reason would a group of boys have to pay for tickets only to get thrown out? I haven’t talked to anyone at the theater, but I’m tempted to call them to at least express my concern.”


Jami Losurdo, a concerned friend of Emperador and Smith, cautioned potential moviegoers who planned to see the film.


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Captain Marvel was catching heat even before the opening night of Friday, March 8th, when Variety reported that Captain Marvel destroyed the Box Office of $455 Million globally.




Even before the film premiered, people had made up their minds about it, dismissing it and leaving abusive and derisive comments on the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes page. A Rotten Tomatoes staff member commented on the reviews.

“We are disabling the comment function prior to a movie’s release date. Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership. We have decided that turning off this feature for now is the best course of action. Don’t worry though, fans will still get to have their say: Once a movie is released, audiences can leave a user rating and comments as they always have.”



Rotten Tomatoes went as far as to deleting 50,000 ‘reviews’ after receiving 58,000 reviews in one day, according to Comic Book. . Currently, regardless of all the negativity, the film holds an 80% rating on the Tomatometer. Talk about girl power right?



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Boom! Studios Announces ‘Adventure Time’ Is BACK with Comic Mini-Series

The wrap-up of the popular animated show, Adventure Time, isn’t stopping more new stories from unraveling. Boom! Studios has decided to introduce a whole new Adventure Time comic book series that will focus on the stories of Marceline and Simon (also known as Ice King). The mini-series will run for 6 issues and be written by the Vampire Queen and voice of Marceline herself, Olivia Olson, and drawn by Slimm Fabert. The mini-series will begin to hit shelves in January 2019. Following the aftermath of the show, Marceline and Simon are on a journey to make amends for his bad behavior and actions when he was under the control of the cursed crown.



Image Via Comicbook

Image Via Comicbook


From a big Adventure Time fan, I can tell you this is definitely the best comic duo to focus on. The comic will allow them to expand on the past and present lore that is Marceline and Simon. However, the show also allowed us glimpses into the past and their relationship as they pushed to survive in the aftermath of the Great Mushroom War. But this series will paint the bigger picture of who Simon is as a person; we’re able to get to know the man who was transformed into Ice King. I can’t wait to see what the comic will have in store and what story will unfurl once it’s released.



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Daredevil impostor staring.

New ‘Daredevil’ Netflix Trailer Reveals the Next Evil Villain

Calling all Marvel fans: A new trailer has been released for the third season of Daredevil for Netflix! It looks like the season will not only harken back to the storyline of Daredevil’s Born Again comic, but also show an even darker side of Daredevil that fans haven’t seen before.



Image Via Variety


The new trailer was released at New York Comic Con on Thursday and showed the long-awaited return of the blind lawyer/masked vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen. Spoilers from The Defenders series, it seems that Matt Murdock has come back from having a large building being dropped on him. Now, Murdock is on a darker path trying to fully embrace the “Daredevil” side of his personality especially since Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, has also returned to the spotlight after getting out of prison. The trailer shows glimpses of the return of the show’s beloved characters such as Foggy Nelson and Karen Page while also briefly introduces a possible new villain masquerading as Daredevil, is it the super sharpshooter Bullseye perhaps? 





We’ll have to see how much they might include of this possible new villain that may or may not be Bullseye if they stick to the storyline of Frank Miller’s Born Again from 1986. The story, similar to the third season, focuses on Daredevil’s descent into darkness and insanity plus his own struggle to create a new life for himself. There’s also the Kingpin’s new obsession of killing Matt Murdock after he discovers he’s Daredevil. The comic not only shows Daredevil’s downward spiral, but also Karen Page’s as she becomes a heroin addict and betrays her friend Matt in a horrible way. We’re unsure if they’ll show much of a downfall for Karen this season since she’s a reporter on the show rather than an actress in Miller’s comic run. 


However, time will only tell where these characters end up, whether they survive the season or if Matt will forget the consequences and become Daredevil for the rest of his life. All episodes of the new season will drop on Netflix October 19th which definitely seems to fit the Halloween vibes this time of year. Will you be watching? 




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‘Adventure Time’ Will Continue In the Comics

Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, has finally come to an end with a four-part finale. The Great Gum War was brought to a head as Princess Bubblegum headed into battle against her Uncle Gumbald in an effort to exert her power, her resilience and to rid Ooo of what she saw as a huge threat. Many questions were left both answered and unanswered in the finale. The finale was jammed packed with fan favorites, moments that are forever seared into our minds. Adventure Time has always sought out to create meaningful messages, pushing the boundaries of expectations and definitely did not miss it in this finale where they challenge social norms, faced old adversaries and sought to meet an understanding to end the war. Action, adventure including romance all rolled into a four-part special left fan satisfied yet hungry for more.



Via Junkee

Image Via Junkee


For fans hungry for more Adventure Time, BOOM! Studios is ready! The saga will continue through serialized comics that will released in stores this October starting with Adventure Time Season 11 #1. The serialized comics will focus on stories after the Great Gum War. The comics will follow our favorite characters along with some new ones into their futures after the war. Eisner Award-winning writer, Sonny Liew including artist, Marina Julia, will write and illustrate the upcoming comics. However, though the comics will feed fans hunger for more Adventure Time, fans should also be aware that the comics will be non-canon. I don’t know about you, non-canon or not, I would love to see how the future of the characters turns out after the war.



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Brie Larson

Brie Larson Kicks Butt in Her New Captain Marvel Photos!

Marvel has a history of recruiting some of the coolest celebs to bring their superheroes to life. From Robert Downey to ScarJo to Chris Evans, they have all the best actors playing the characters we hold in high esteem. We don’t take it lightly. Of course, now, they’ve got another.


Brie Larson

 Image Via Vanity Fair

Oscar-winning actor Brie Larson had her first ever Captain Marvel photos revealed this week. She was announced as the lead role back in 2016 and ever since, fans have been buzzing about how Carol Danvers (best known as Captain Marvel) will fly off the page and onto the screen. Her attire is a bit different than in the original comic; the colors are deeper, the sash is replaced with a belt, and the actual material doesn’t look like that infamous superhero spandex. We’re not complaining though.


Captain Marvel

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The character, created in 1968, has always had a specific look that fans have come to know and love. Her fierce mohawk, often accompanied with a kick-ass helmet are a trademark look within the comic series. However, Kelly Sue DeConnick spoke with Vanity Fair about the costume controversy.


What works in comic books and what works in live action is very different. You want to have a sense of that? Just walk around a comic-book convention. See the dudes who champion these very skimpy costumes judging women and berating them for wearing it in real life. What will work on the page and what will work in three dimensions is very different.


Even Larson herself is getting tweets about what fans think should be done: “Every day I have people yelling at me on Twitter like, ‘You better have long hair’ or ‘You better have a mohawk’ or ‘You better wear the helmet’ or ‘You better not wear the helmet.’ Someone’s going to be mad.”


Clearly, these fans are serious about the latest superhero to hit theaters. Can you blame them? But after these photos I think it’s safe to say they’re as satisfied as they are excited. The film is still six months away, but we can’t help but embrace the fierceness and bad-ass qualities that Captain Marvel is known for.


Also keep an eye out for Larson’s counterpart, Jude Law, set to play the leader of the Kree people, a super advanced alien race.


Jude Law

 Image Via Entertainment Weekly


“He is driven by a belief in the divine leadership of the Kree people,” Law tells Entertainment Weekly. “So he’s almost a devout warrior– unquestioning, conservative, but inspirational.” It sounds like these two are going to have some serious parts to play, but surely they can handle it whatever Marvel throws at them.



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