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College Admissions Scandal Gains First Book Deal

The college admissions scandal has the whole world talking. Since last week, the scandal has revealed that over 40 people have been charged or arrested on charges of bribing college officials in order to get their children into elite colleges. Among those charged have been Desperate Housewive’s Felicity Huffman and Full House’s Lori Loughlin.

Lori Loughlin and her daughter, Olivia Jade standing side by side smiling for the camera

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Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter a book deal has been struck for this scandal. The book, titled Guilty Admissions from publisher Twelve Books, will take a closer look at the ringleader of the scheme, William ‘Rick’ Singer. Mr. Singer catered to wealthy parents, helping them bribe and cheat their way into elite schools for huge amounts of cash. The book will focus on Singer, discussing how he used the system for his own benefit and also be a jumping off point where the book will talk about the broken college admission process, as well as how society added pressure on students to acquire the distinguished university degree.

There is no announced date for Guilty Admissions yet but it should be an exciting read when it hits shelves. In the meantime, the scandal is still unfolding and doubtlessly more wrenches will be thrown into the mix before it is over.

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Author Among Those Charged In FBI College Acceptance Scam

The biggest news story of the day is the massive bribery scheme that was uncovered by the FBI. The Justice Department just charged and arrested fifty people in what is called “Operation Varsity Blues”, where a group of wealthy parents, coaches and college prep executives carried out fraud in order to get students into prestigious colleges. This includes paying a college prep organization to correct answers on students tests and bribing coaches to admit students as recruited athletes regardless if they have athletic ability.

Many wealthy people have been charged in this case. The most prominent people involved are actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Fuller House). An FBI agent told CNN that the money paid in this scam could be anywhere between $200,000 to $6.5 million.


Many wealthy people have been charged in this case. The most prominent people involved are actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Fuller House)
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One of the more interesting names in this case in Jane Buckingham. She is a published author and marketing consultant who runs her own media firm. She has written multiple books: The Modern Girl’s Guide To series and What’s Next: The Experts’ Guide: Predictions From 50 Of America’s Most Compelling People.


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According to The Washington Post, Buckingham donated $50,000 dollars to the Key Worldwide, the “nonprofit” at the center of this scam, to get someone to take a college entrance test for her son. The FBI secretly recorded Buckingham talking to one of the people arranging the test:


“I know this is craziness- I know it is. And then I need you to get him into USC, and then I need you to cure cancer and [make peace] in the Middle East.”


So much for getting into a good school based on merit.



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Prof. Alexander Holds Baby

Professor Holds Student’s Baby During Class, Goes Viral

A math professor at Morehouse College in Georgia has gone viral for holding a student’s baby during his lecture!

The baby’s father, Wayne Hayer, couldn’t find anyone to watch baby Assata. Since he had class, he faced a choice: stay at home to watch the baby or head to class and further his education.

Hayer explained these circumstances to his professor, Nathan Alexander, who shockingly offered to carry Assata for the entire duration of the class. Alexander wanted his student to be able to “take good notes,” so he volunteered to take her off her father’s hands despite his fears that she would “start crying” during the lesson, according Buzzfeed News.


Professor Alexander



Professor Alexander’s fears were put to rest when Assata turned out to be the perfect student! Alexander reported that, in a surprise turn of events, the arrangement went “perfectly” as the young learner was “extremely well behaved.”

I’m not sure about y’all, but when I first heard about this story, I expected it to be about a mother who brought her child to class—it’s awesome that Assata’s father takes an active role in her childcare!


Baby Assata
                                                                          Assata, her mother, and her grandmother


The baby’s mother, Firda Amalia Hayer, wrote on Facebook:

Seeing the outpouring of support from friends, family, and strangers for Assata and Wayne is a sight to behold. I can feel the genuine love and enthusiasm. We never asked for attention; all that I’ve personally asked for is authenticity in your love and support. We are new parents. Wayne works two jobs and is a full-time student. He’s rarely at home because he’s out there providing for us…

Morehouse College (where Assata has begun her higher education earlier than most) is an all-male, historically black liberal arts college. One of its most famous alumni is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

Harry Potter

Indian University Teaches International Law Using Harry Potter

At a prestigious Indian law school, the Harry Potter franchise is more than a work of fiction. Applying the legal conflicts of the story to real life situations, the National University of Judicial Sciences’ course hopes to encourage creative thinking in aspiring lawyers. The course, entitled “An interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special focus on Rowling’s Potterverse,” is not the first university-level course to cover the popular book series, but it is one of the first in a law school setting. India has an enormous Harry Potter fanbase, and in fact, the only other Harry Potter law course is the brainchild of an NUJS alumni.


A child browses copies of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'

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NUJS Kolkata’s own professor, Shouvik Kumar Guha, designed the course to prevent student boredom in what can be a dry and repetitive law school curriculum, a program that lasts for five (sometimes very long) years. Though he considered using real political situations as the practical basis for the course, Guha realized that “it is not necessary that all my students will share my political leanings.” A fantasy world was the perfect solution, enabling political discussion without the controversy and heated emotions of real political debates.


Children hold up copies of 'The Cursed Child'

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While none of the following are law schools, a number of American universities also have Harry Potter themed courses analyzing the societal and political implications of J.K. Rowling‘s magical universe. Appalachian State University offers a course studying the ways in which gender, race, and multiculturalism in popular fiction relate to the historical context of the real world. Lawrence University also offers a course analyzing the political implications of the series. Though other British and American universities teach Harry Potter material, most do so from a literary perspective not extending past the confines of the book.



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bill gates

Bill Gates Offers a Free Book to College Graduates

Bill Gates has always been vocal about his appreciation of books, offering book recommendations and reviews throughout the years. But this year, the Microsoft co-founder is hoping to spread his love of books by granting college graduates a free copy of one book that can prove beneficial according to Gates


Gates announced on his blog, Gates Notes, that he is granting soon-to-be college graduates a copy of Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think by Hans Rosling. 


According to Gates, the book is, “packed with advice about how to see the world clearly.” While the advice that Rosling offers can be enlighten any reader, it can be particularly relevant to graduates entering the real-world.


“Although I think everyone should read it, it has especially useful insights for anyone who’s making the leap out of college and into the next phase of life,” Gates wrote.



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The free copy will be awarded to students who will be graduating with an associate’s, bachelor’s, or post-graduate degree. Unfortunately, due to international publishing rights the free copy will only be available to students within the United States. 


If you qualify, you can download a free pdf of Factfulness by logging in or singing up to Gates Notes.


“I hope you enjoy Factfulness as much as I did. And I hope you take Hans’s advice to heart,” Gates wrote. “My wish for you at this special time is to learn to think, and act, factfully. Congratulations and good luck!” 




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