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The Nerdiest Latte Art for National Espresso Day

If you’re feeling like you need an extra shot of energy today, you have an excuse to drink as much coffee as you want. I mean, if you’re a book lover you’re probably currently curled up in a cafe with coffee and a good book anyway. November 23rd is National Espresso Day!  Espresso is made by using pressurized water and ground coffee to create coffee topped with a foam called crema. Delicious, delicious caffeine…

Latte art is a form of art as delicate and precise as any other art form, and some of the nerdy designs that artists have made are just incredible. Here are 7 of the nerdiest (and coziest) latte art designs.


1. 3d pop-up book


If you thought a simple leaf or heart design was impressive, look at this beautiful 3D book. You could almost turn the foam pages.


Image result for latte art of book"

image via otakumode.com

2. i am iron man


This one might make you cry. It’s a rendition of Tony Stark using foam and food coloring to perfectly capture the colors of his suit.


image via @belcolno on instagram

3. for the Potterheads


This latte version of Harry looks like it came straight from Hogwarts.


Image result for harry potter latte art"


Or if you prefer a more minimalistic style, this one is cute too



Image result for harry potter latte art"

image via Calgary’s espresso bar coffee catering latte art love


4. it’s always time for a tea — or coffee — party


This foam clock melts right out of its coffee mug, Alice in Wonderland style.



image via boredpanda.com




5. Beware the frozen heart


Your heart won’t freeze from this cup of coffee, but you might get a caffeine rush!



Image result for elsa latte art"

image via Pinterest

6. Dragon latte


If you’re still reeling from the Game of Thrones finale, a sip of this latte topped with a fiery dragon might make you feel better.


Image result for game of thrones latte art"

image via pinterest


7. sleepy Bulbasaur


Here’s another amazing 3D foam masterpiece of a Bulbasaur whose coffee wasn’t quite effective enough—it put him to sleep.


Image result for pokemon latte art"

image via reddit





Featured image via Artpresso Design


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‘Game of Thrones’ Left a Starbucks Cup in Episode 4 and The Internet Is Loving It

There was a major mistake in Episode 4 of Game of Thrones last night and it’s a pretty hilarious one. During the big dinner scene in the episode as Tormund toasts Jon Snow, Daenerys sulks in the background, giving Jon the side eye for all the attention he’s getting. However, eagle eyed viewers noticed an unusual object in the background, right next to Daenerys. What was the object? Why, a modern day Starbucks coffee cup, all of things! The plastic looking thing stood out in contrast to the rustic, moodily lit surroundings of the Winterfell hall and although a little hard to spot, you can’t unsee it once you do.

See if you can spot the offending latte in this GIF below:


A GIF of Tormund toasting Jon Snow in the darkly lit interior of Winterfell as Daenerys sulks in the background next to a Starbucks cup, of all things.

Image Via The Verge

Naturally, the Internet reacted to this error with the usual storm of hilarious tweets and reactions. Here are some of the best ones below:




Oops! That was a considerable blooper, that’s for sure. Perhaps this was all part of a strange tie in deal with Starbucks! After all, who wouldn’t want to have a Starbucks cup that says this on it?


A Starbucks cup with all of Daenerys's titles from 'Game of Thrones' on it


It is always hilariously baffling when things like this happen, considering Game of Thrones’s massive production costs. Still, it provided many great laughs and memes from the fanbase. Did you catch the Starbucks mug in all its glory in this episode? What was your reaction to it? Let us know in the comments!



Featured Image Via The Verge 


9 Purrrfect Mugs for Cat-Loving Bookworms Who Survive on Caffeine

If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm who doesn’t own (or at least like) cats, then are you a true bookworm? It’s a debatable question, but I for one think cats and books go hand in hand. Cats are a bookworms best friend as they make great company just as a good read can. The only other thing you need to make your reading session perfect is a good cup of coffee, tea, or strong adult beverage.


So without further ado, here are nine essential mugs for cat-loving bookworms!



1. For the Potterheads who named their cat Crookshanks.





2. For the reader who isn’t a morning person.





3. For GOT bookworms who have accepted their ‘crazy cat lady’ future.





4. For readers who are ruled by their cats.





5. For bookworms who are over everything.





6. For the potterheads who like puns.





7. For the suggestive bookworm.



8. For the homebody who’d rather chill at home…with their cat.



9. For the introvert who prefers cats to people.





In the comments below, tag a friend who should buy you one of these awesome mugs!



All Images Via Etsy/ASPCApro

Lemonade cover

Beyoncé’s 600-Page Coffee Table Book Teaches “How to Make Lemonade”

Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” made a big splash last year with its surprise release, and accompanying HBO special. As groundbreaking as the album itself is, its visual dimension cements it as an unforgettable musical experience. This summer, Beyoncé is releasing a coffee table book called “How to Make Lemonade” that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s creation.


How to Make Lemonade cover

Cover of “How to Make Lemonade.” / via beyonce.com


Always the collaborator, the book will highlight Beyoncé’s collaborative creative process. Photos will show how the artists she worked with created the signature looks in the album’s music videos. Among these looks, the book will highlight the beautiful Laolu Senbanjo Yoruba body painting in “Sorry.”



“How to Make Lemonade” is a limited edition collection, and, in addition to the book, includes a vinyl of “Lemonade,” and audio and visual dowloads for the album. You can pre-order the collection here.


Feature image courtesy of Tidal.

Person holding old book

We All Love the Smell of Books and Scientists Now Know Why

You know that feeling when you’re rummaging through a bookstore, scanning titles and covers, and you find the perfect one to crack open? You look at what’s inside. The prose is touching, engaging, and fun. But best of all is the smell. You stuff your face into the pages, and inhale as deep as your lungs allow. Mmmm.


Girl smelling book

via How It Works Magazine


Well, science has gotten to the bottom of why the book smell is so irresistible. Researchers at University College London’s Institute for Sustainable Heritage conducted an experiment asking how participants felt about a number of different aromas. Among them, of course, was an old book. Their findings were published in Heritage Science.


Without knowing what they were smelling, participants overwhelmingly described the smell of books as being like chocolate. The second most common scent was coffee. According to the researchers, aging paper has some of the same chemical compounds (A.K.A. VOCs) as chocolate and coffee. In that sense, it’s not so surprising participants were able to identify the familiar aroma, especially since most readers are probably friends of chocolate.


Book smell word cloud

via Heritage Science


Interestingly, when introduced to a room full of books, participants were not consumed by a powerful chocolatey smell. Instead, they mostly described the scent as “woody” and “smoky.” This leads me to wonder: does a chocolate store smell “woody” and “smoky” too? Guess I’ll need to go find out. Be right back!




Feature image by Lilly Rum on Unsplash