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Classic ‘The Giver’ Turns into Graphic Novel to Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary

Entertainment Weekly reports that the critically acclaimed novel The Giver by Lois Lowry will be adapted into a graphic novel and is set to be released some time in spring 2019.


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The film version featured Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges and made about sixty-seven million in the box office, even though it was poorly reviewed. Award winning graphic novelist, Craig Russell known for his work with Neil Gaiman in Coraline and American Gods, will be illustrating the novel. A special edition of the book featuring a note from Lowry for its twenty-five year anniversary will be published this fall.


The Giver is a young adult dystopian novel about a twelve year old boy named Jonas who is given an assignment to be a Receiver and is forced to discover the dark secrets of the world outside of his small knit community.  


If you would like to read the first ten pages Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive preview of the upcoming graphic novel!  



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