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10 Best Young Adult Books of 2020

With the added diversity and the unique storylines, people of different cultures and backgrounds worldwide feel more included and motivated to achieve greatness in today's literature. Here are ten of the best books of 2020 that readers could not put down.

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Elizabeth Acevedo’s Novel, ‘Clap When You Land,’ is Becoming a Series!

Elizabeth Acevedo’s novel, Clap When You Land, is one of the best books of 202 and it's soon becoming a television series!

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Third Time’s the Charm for Elizabeth Acevedo and Her New Novel

Elizabeth Acevedo is always true to her Latina roots. With her first bestseller and award-winning novel, The Poet X, told in verse, she broke new ground exploring what it means to be a young Latina and how she has to hide her true self from her family and pours her soul into her journal writing poetry.

Then, this year, her recent book, With the Fire on High, Acevedo did it again, telling a story of a teenage mom and her struggles to follow her dreams of being a chef and be an average teenager. She tackles the stories we don’t have enough of, with characters that aren’t represented as much as they should be and she’s about to do it again.


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Her new novel, Clap When you Land, follows two sisters who have never met, Camino and Yahaira. Camino lives in the Dominican Republic and every summer her father comes to visit. In the meantime, her father lives in New York with his other daughter, Yahaira. On the day he was supposed to arrive to see Camino, is the day both girls learn their father has died in a plane crash. Now the girls have to live in a world without their father and also face the reality that they’re sisters and they have each other to lean on.

As beautiful as this new story sounds, what is capturing the attention of everyone is this stunning cover. Bijou Karman is the artist behind this beautiful cover, and Erin Fitzsimmons did the design. The cover features both girls, Camino, with the standing in front of her home, the Dominican Republic and Yahaira, standing in front of a building in New York, with a shadow of a plane in between them. This cover really captures the essence of this amazing story, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Clap When You Land will be released on May 5, 2020.



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