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‘Devoted’ Writer of Bigfoot Erotica Becomes U.S. Congressman

The first controversy to rattle Republican would-be-congressman Denver Riggleman was the sort of suspect conduct the news typically covers—his possible ties to white Nationalism. It couldn’t get much worse than that. But it could get weirder… and it did.



Denver Riggleman with his original Instagram Bigfoot post

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Riggleman’s Democratic opponent, Leslie Cockburn, exposed his secret back in July as the race heated up. Unfortunately, the secret wasn’t the only thing, uh, exposed. Cockburn shared pictures from Riggleman’s now-private Instagram account—pictures which included censored images of Bigfoot’s genitalia. Regrettably, ‘big’ is the right word to use here. Cockburn posted her accusations on Twitter: “Now [Riggleman] has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. This is not what we need on Capitol Hill.” It might not be what Virginia needed, but it’s what Virginia got. Widely-known author of shockingly weird erotica Chuck Tingle responded to the controversy with a piece of “sizzling human-on-Bigfoot action” entitled Don’t Vote For Virginia Congressional Hopeful Denber Wiggleman Because He Is Full Of Hate, Not Because Bigfoot Makes Him HardPeople voted for him despite both of those things, and he won Virginia’s 5th district.


Chuck Tingle's 'Bigfoot Tinglers'

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Your first question might be—what? Your second question might be something more like this—is Bigfoot erotica really a thing? The short answer? Yes. The long answer is that the Bigfoot erotica literary world extends way beyond Chuck Tingle, author of infamous stories like Bigfoot Settlers Claim My Butthole. Tingle says Bigfoot “gets people hard in a normal way” because the creatures are multifaceted and sensitive… but maybe also because “they are muscular from trotting through the woods.” Virginia Wade‘s Cum for Bigfoot, a sixteen-part series about Bigfoot and one of his parts, has earned her $30,000 per month. Wade writes: “two women were f##king the legend, the beast that was Bigfoot.” Other Bigfoot smut classics include Bigfoot Did Me From Behind and I Liked It by Raven Blackbird. The premise is, apparently, either hilarious or extremely erotic: 


26-year old Jessica Fox has loved and admired Bigfoot for as long as she can remember. But never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she’d get to ride Sasquatch’s monstrous 20-inch c#ck. That crazy dream becomes a reality. When Bigfoot slaughters her hapless boyfriend and barges into her tent, Jessica thinks the end is near. What follows is an epic session of love-making that dwarfs Jessica’s previous sexual liaisons with the president and Santa Claus. In essence, Jessica gets fucked from behind by Bigfoot… and she likes it. 



Raven Blackbird's Bigfoot Erotica

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This is far from the only example of magical creature smut from Raven Blackbird (let’s assume that these are all pseudonyms). Riggleman, apparently, did not have the foresight to use an edgy pseudonym for his own The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him




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Chuck Tingle

NSFW: Dinosaur Erotica Connoisseur Dr. Chuck Tingle Is Back at It Again, This Time with a Reddit AMA

Dr. Chuck Tingle is ridiculous. Ridiculously great, we think. The author of such memorable titles as Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt and Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner, has something of a cult following. According to his extensive Wikipedia page, “Tingle began his career by writing dinosaur erotica and expanded to stories based on unicorns, Bigfeet, and various anthropomorphized objects and even concepts. The bizarre nature of Tingle’s writing has led to his developing a cult reputation.”


With the success of his recent podcast, he took to Reddit with an AMA.



Are you ready for a rollercoaster? Here are some favorite questions and answers from the mysterious author.


u/QueenAndreaa asked, 

Will you please write Buttvengers: Buttfinity War? Thanks.


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded, 

this is a good idea for a tingler right now i am working on two BIG TIME LONG TERM PROJECTS one is TINGLEVERSE ROLEPLAYING GAME and other is secert but i think i will be done soon maybe after that i will write in this way i would like to tell story of handsome AMERICAN CAPTAIN kissing the blue man on the moon as he understands his way and thinks ‘maybe i should not be so blue maybe i should prove love is real for EVERYONE and not just half people’ so i think that would be nice story also if handsome BOBS DOWNY showed up and built a suit for everyone so they were handsome (in their new suits) i think that would be nice too. thank you for this question you have really good ideas you are very smart and I think you could also write this too if you wanted. i believe in you and i believe in your way you just remember how good of ideas you come up with dont let anyone else tell you otherwise because they are wrong okay talk to you later


u/exitpursuedbybear asked, 

Hi, Dr. Tingle! As a fellow sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada. Thank you for showing the world that a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada can become a world famous author. As a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada what advice can you give to me, a fellow young sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada author just starting out?


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded, 

as a REAL HUMAN name of chuck (this is my way i am worldest greatest author) i cannot comment i cannot suggest that you should make sure your core brain is located on a single server while other functions like creativity and emotions are hosted on others also i cannot suggest an auto backup to the cloud after every decision because i am just a NORMAL MAN thank you


u/hughmongusss asked, 

Dr. Tingle, I have a problem. I bought one of your tinglers to share with my friends, but it didn’t touch them deep inside. I even did a story-time session and read your tingler out loud for their enjoyment, but they had a bad time. I want my friends to be pleasured by your tinglers as much as I am, so how can I help them learn to love to be tingled?


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION as buckaroos we undertand that love is real in tinglers but it is VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that in all ways your buds must CONSENT and if that means they do not want to hear a tingler then that is okay you should just say ‘okay i understand your way this is not for everyone’ because this is true, tinglers are not for everyone. so i think maybe BEST WAY to enjoy would be to read on your own and PROVE LOVE TO YOURSELF or maybe find other friends who enjoy this way! WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOU COULD MEET SOME NEW BUDS! so i think this is perfect excuse to go out and meet a new bud or two and then maybe when the others see all the fun you are having they will say ‘hey i would like to check this out can i come along too?’ i think that would be nice


u/unicorndeathrace asked,

Hi Uncle Chuck! Which Chris out of the top four (Pine, Evans, Pratt and Hemsworth) is your favourite?


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

dang this is almost too hard i do not think i can rate so i will tell what i like about each one i hope that is FAIR PLAY BUDDY (HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS BASEBALL TERM) okay so here is anwser:

1 PINEMAN is very handsome in STARS TREK: THE SEARCH FOR STARS where he is in the space station telling everyone how handsome he is and then the green lady shows up and kisses her and he tells her ‘no time for that ive gotta save the planet on my motorcyle’ so i think if all movies could learn form this it would be nice. i think he seems like a nice man and would be great to play hero in SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION in the tingle cinematic universe (orion the space raptor would be played by handsome idris elba though)

  1. CHIBS EVENS is top choice for handsome AMERICAN CAPTAIN and i am glad to have gone on journey with him through MARBLES UNIVERSE where he was once a small buckaroo just learning to trot and then WHAT THE HECK IM STUCK IN A HANDSOMENESS MACHINE next thing you know hes out solving crimes with a spider lady cant complain about that. i enjoyed his way so much that i have decided to follow only him on website name of twitter (have you seen it you can FOLLOW me there too https://twitter.com/ChuckTingle so that is nice) also i liked it when he wore a suit made of WHIP CREAM i thought that was very creative.

  2. CHIBS PRATT plays with handsome raptors all day CHECK PLEASE

  3. THORN is the best superhero there is probably in the whole galaxy (second strongest to BOB DOWNY or maybe HULK HOGAN THE INCREDIBLE) so i like it when he shows up and plays with his hair and then says ‘i have a HAMMER and im gonna HAMMER THESE BADGUYS TO HECK’ this is because you are not allowed to say ‘the void’ in most PG13 movies so i am hoping for an R rated marble movie where THORN can say heck and show his wiener


u/WerewolfTomHanks asked,

If Tom Hanks was a werewolf do you think he’d be nice? 


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

yes i am a big fan of HANDSOME TOMS HANK in the movie WHAT’S IN YOUR POCKET WOLFMAN (surprise they are fingers buddy) many people think that this is JACKS next project after JACK’S BACK: MY DAD IN THE MAZE but that is actually not true it is just really good makeup that is why this film won many awards for best makeup and most handsome toms. thanks


u/djtoell asked,

Hi, Dr. Tingle! Thank you for sharing your way with us. Are you a sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada on Deer Springs Way? Thanks.


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

nice try TED COBBLER not anwsering this way not because it hits to close to home (which is not a sever farm in neveda thanks) just in a casual way like ‘im not gonna anwser that buddy not worth my time’. so just imagine me sitting back in my chair as a CASUAL MAN not at all concerned with the question and not yelling for son jon as he tells me its okay and i can keep going with this AMA (this stands for ask me anything) so that is not happening whatever next question this doesnt bother me (but nice try ted BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME)


u/Xalxe asked,

Dr. Tingle, what is the hardest most difficult part of writing a Tingler?


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

well i would say most difficult part is to describe the pounding way because this is not something that i have very much experience in I UNDERSTAND MY PREFERRED POUND but as man name of chuck i have not met many handsome bigfeet in billings (the mostly stay in the woods) and living objects are VERY HANDSOME but hard to talk to for me as man name of chuck but i have said hi to some trees in the park and they are very nice. so that is a difficult way to write i just dont want to get anything wrong about how the pound takes place thank you


u/joeltrane asked what we’re all thinking,

What is going on here?


Dr. Chuck Tingle responded,

this is website name of reddit and we are talkin tingle mostly just answer questions no big deal just some online buds hanging out in a normal way if you would like to ask a quesiton thats okay i will try to anwser as best i can but there are a lot of them thanks


Whether you’re a fan, a casual observer, or just wondering what the hell is going on, there you have it! Dr. Chuck Tingle is in a league of his own, but he’s creating an extraordinary amount of content that people seem to resonate with. If anything, they’re concerned he’s an AI being. I just hope he’s real, to be honest.


Featured Image Via Amazon. 

Chuck Tingle

NSFW: Dr. Chuck Tingle May Be This Generation’s Jane Austen

So I walked into the office late today (double booked myself, oops) and pretty much as soon as I sat down, my editors Chris and Laura-Blaise said, “Do we have a story for you.” And they did, oooh they did.


Based on name alone, Dr. Chuck Tingle has a new fan. Based on body of work, Chuck Tingle has a new biggest fan, and it’s me. I’m full on stan, if you will.


The pseudonymous author specializes in gay niche erotica, self-publishing through Amazon.com with predominantly ebooks, but also paperbacks and audiobooks. 


I’m literally not kidding when I type this: Doctor Chuck Tingle began his writing career with dinosaur erotica before expanding his iconic work to include unicorns, Bigfeet, “and various anthropomorphized objects and even concepts.”


CONCEPTS. Conceptually erotic fiction. I’m enthralled.


In April 2016, Tingle’s story Space Raptor Butt Invasion was shortlisted for a Hugo Award for Best Short Story. Space Raptor Butt Invasion isn’t even in my shortlist for Best Chuck Tingle Title.


As far as Tingle’s (lol) identity goes, there’s not much to know. The author calls himself a “taekwondo grandmaster from Billings, Montana, who acquired his PhD in holistic massage from DeVry University.” Worth noting, DeVry doesn’t offer that program.


The mystery became a bit clearer when a man calling himself Tingle’s son, Jon, offering a bit of clarity. Tingle’s own twitter account confirmed Jon’s identity. Jon continued his press tour with a Reddit AMA, divulging that Tingle is “an autistic savant, but also suffers from schizophrenia.” Jon continued, saying he edits his father’s work before its publication and also provides daily care for his father. 


And now, for your own pleasure, my favorite titles from Dr. Chuck Tingle’s extensive collection of work.


My Top 5 Chuck Tingle Short Story Titles:


5. My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass


My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass

Image via Amazon


4. I’m Gay for My Living Billionaire Jet Plane


I'm Gay for My Living Billionaire Jet Plane

Image via Amazon


3. Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting 


Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting

Image via Amazon


2. Turned Gay by the Existential Dread That I May Actually Be a Character in a Chuck Tingle Book


Turned Gay by the Existential Dread That I May Actually Be a Character in a Chuck Tingle Book

Image via Amazon


1. Pounded In The Butt By My Book “Pounded In The Butt By My Book ‘Pounded In The Butt By My Book “Pounded In The Butt By My Book ‘Pounded In The Butt By My Book “Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt”‘”‘


Pounded In The Butt By My Book "Pounded In The Butt By My Book 'Pounded In The Butt By My Book "Pounded In The Butt By My Book 'Pounded In The Butt By My Book "Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt"'"'

Image via Amazon


With honorable mentions going to: Fake News, Real Boners and Schrodinger’s Butt.


Vox author Aja Romano has speculated that Tingle’s work may be a deliberate satire on poorly written self published erotica, and if that’s true, all I have to say is



Featured Image Via Chuck Tingle’s own website!!!!