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Mindy Kaling Confirms She’s in Talks About ‘Ms. Marvel’

Captain Marvel was a huge success, bringing in over a billion dollars worldwide and making Carol Danvers a household name. But there’s another hero who remains a fan favorite among comic book fans who shares the Marvel name. Kamala Khan, a Pakistani immigrant who hails from New Jersey, was hailed as one of the best comic book characters of all time. She’s been hailed for allowing a Muslim character to headline a major comic title, as well as her personality being funny, full of heart, and showcasing her as a young, new hero making her way in the wider Marvel Universe. Fans have been clamoring for a big screen adaptation of the character for sometime and it appears Marvel is hoping to make that a reality.


Superhero Ms. Marvel stretches her arm and punches out a bank robber while reading her phone
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ComicBook has revealed that Mindy Kaling has been in talks about the character on a recent press tour. Kaling noted Marvel is extremely excited about the character and trying to figure out what to do with her. Kaling seems to share the enthusiasm, noting that an unknown talent might be best for bringing the character to life (similar to how the big stars of the MCU, such as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr became mega stars for playing Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man). Kaling has previously offered to a pitch a script to adapt the comic character. The overseer of the MCU, Kevin Fiege, has noted they did Captain Marvel first with the intention of doing Ms. Marvel later, in order for Kahn to have someone to be inspired by.

With all this passion around the project, we hope Kaling is brought on board to adapt this character and we can’t wait to see her brought to life! What are your thoughts?



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A ‘Snowpiercer’ Prequel Comic Is Coming

The 2013 film Snowpiercer, which starred Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, took place in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth has almost entirely frozen over. The remnants of humanity live on the Snowpiercer, an always moving bullet train where the wealthy live in the front while the poor are relegated to the tail section. A battle for power ensues between the two classes. Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, the film was met with critical acclaim and a small cult following in the U.S.


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Now, the story of Snowpiercer will love on in a new prequel comic. Titled Snowpiercer: Extinction, this prequel comic will takes place before the world froze over to explain what really happened. The prequel will use the same illustrator as the original comic, but will have a new writer.


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Le Transperceneige was originally published in 1982. Two sequels were released, one in 1999 and one in 2000. Several re-issues and English translations were made when the film adaptation became popular. A television series has been in development for a while, but there is still no word on when it will debut.

Snowpiercer: Extinction is due to be released in September.



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