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Easter Is Coming, and So Are Dragon-Sized ‘Game of Thrones’ Easter Eggs

Easter is a pretty sweet holiday, primarily because you get to flake out and eat tons of chocolate. At home in Ireland, you also get a two-week school holiday so I’ve always been partial to it.


But it’s about to get even better, as supermarket Morrisons are selling chocolate dragon eggs. 


dragon egg morrisons game of thrones

Image Via Morrisons


The eggs in question are twenty centimeters high, and weigh 240 grams (about a half pound), and are made from Belgian milk chocolate, “finished”, Digital Spy added, “with a dusting of ruby red and gold lustre,” which sounds worthy of a Dragon queen. 


Unfortunately, Morrisons is a British supermarket so you do have to be in Britain to get them. I suppose Irish fans can take their two week break to travel up North or across the water in order to procure one of the decadent eggs, but non-British fans will have to make do with dreaming… 


Danearys dragon egg easter chocolate

Image Via Morrisons


Featured Image Via Morrisons.