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Bastian crying

This 6-Year-Old’s Statement About His Favorite Book Is All Too Real

There’s no feeling quite as homey as re-reading your favorite books; books from your childhood, books that held your teenage heart, books that adult you has used as guide points while you navigate through life.


Books can act as tiny, magic, paper-filled mentors helping you to feel less confused, less misunderstood, less alone. I know that I’m definitely someone who turns toward their favorite books when life gets too hectic or wild or hazy and I just need grounding and something to remind of me who I am. 


Yay, books!


But, given the deep and powerful love we can feel for the books we hold dear, it goes without saying that sometimes we might get a little bit defensive guarding them. While it feels great to share your favorite books with your favorite people, it can also get a little scary because, like, “what if they hate it? What if they say something bad about it? What if they love it more than I do?” 


Everyone’s been there. Everyone’s felt the fear and jealousy that can come with loaning out something that’s so intensely personal to you to someone else because you can’t help but feel like they’ll never quite understand just how much it means to you; it’s never just another book.


And, this fear of sharing something you love too much with others is nothing new to Twitter user Laura (@Mum_Reader) and her son, James; last Wednesday she posted a tweet of her then-six-year-old son’s old homework assignment all about books:





I feel you, kid. And, clearly the Twittersphere understands too as the post has gone completely viral.


Sharing is fun but, like, sometimes not sharing is fun, too. Ya feel?


And, it turns out James wasn’t wrong in wanting to keep this book to himself, as the book in question (There’s a Dragon in My School by Philip Hawthorne) is currently going for more than ninety dollars on Amazon.



Keep on reading on, James! (And never let anyone come between you and the books you love.)





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Where the Wild Things Are cover

[NSFW] These Photoshopped Children’s Book Covers Are Totally Ridiculous

Let’s be honest, a lot of times, the covers were the best part of our favorite children’s books. “Animorphs” had those crazy covers of people transforming into animals. And then there was that whole species of children’s book that featured holographic covers.


Well, an anonymous artist has taken the initiative to improve some of these covers. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Cover of a book that features a heroic dog standing in front of a burning building, the fake title reads "Gonna Let This Mother Burn."

via thingsyoushouldlearn.com


Cover is of two teenagers almost kissing, the girl giving the guy a side-eye, and the fake title is "He Just Ate a Whole Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos."

via thingsyoushouldlearn.com


Cover of Sesame Street book featuring Ernie telling Bert that his opinions are shit.

via Buzzfeed


Cover showing two teen girls who look kind, but the fake title is "We Ate Our Parents."

via thingsyoushouldlearn.com


The cover shows a beach volleyball game with an explosion in the sky in the background, and the fake title reads "Fucking Run the Sun Exploded."

via thingsyoushouldlearn.com


Cover of a 101 Dalmatians children's book with all the puppies on the cover, and the fake title is "Because We're Catholic."

via Pinterest


The cover is of two teenagers tied up in a basement with an older man walking up the stairs, looking at them, and the fake title reads "Either of You Boys Want a Coke?"

via thingsyoushouldlearn.com


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'I Miss My Best Friend'

This Picture Book Helps Kids Cope When a Beloved Pet Passes On

Many of us know what it’s like to have a pet; you pretty much have an extra family member walking around on all fours. They’re best friends, secret-keepers, little sisters and brothers, guards, constant companions, and givers of unconditional love. As soon as you walk through your front door, their presence alone can heal any of the day’s wearies. So when their time of passing comes, how do you cope?


'I Miss My Best Friend'

 Image Via Amazon

My last pet that passed to the big birdcage in the sky was my lovebird Sweetie; it was a total heartbreak, even after already having lost three dogs, more birds, and a lizard. I wish I had an answer to how to get through it, but perhaps Penelope Lagos does. Lagos, the author of a brand new children’s book, I Miss My Best Friend, teaches youngsters how to deal with losing their cuddly friends. Digital Journal says: 


It is a heart-warming story for children that will help them learn how to deal with the loss of a pet. The book came about after my dog Cassius passed away. I had a difficult time finding resources to help me deal with my broken heart and thought it would be great if I was able to connect with and help others who felt this same loss.


However, she explains to Digital Journal, it’s not just for kiddies. “Even though it’s a children’s book, people of all ages can relate and hopefully take away tips on how to cope with any type of loss.” I do believe she’s right on that. Do you ever notice when losing a pet that sometimes we revert back to childlike sympathy? We face the heartache head on, but we find warm shelter in sweet poems, stories, and illustrations. They let us know that there is still love lingering from these buddies.


Unsurprisingly Lagos gets most of her inspiration from animals.


Humans have been mimicking animals for years and I believe are our greatest teachers. Being able to change someone’s perspective or help them overcome something in their life motivates me to write.


Within the book is a sweet story along with ten steps parents can use to help their children (and/or themselves) to cope. Ten percent of her book sales go to the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. How perfect. With Sophie Maracchini’s lovely illustrations and Lagos’ use of personal experience, this oughta be a book all pet-lovers have.


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'Where's Waldo'

The Unfair Reason Why Waldo’s Not What He Used to Be

I’m not really into being bamboozled, and, boy, do I feel bamboozled right about now.


At some point in our youth we were all given the glorious and challenging book that is Where’s Waldo? Nothing makes you ooze nostalgia quite like that signature red and white striped sweater and hat set. Plus those round spectacles are quite suave. I’ll say this: he is one sneaky dude, but good men are hard to find these days, and, apparently, so are small men…


In a study shown on Slate, they discovered that the reason Waldo is so hard to spot these days isn’t our aging brains. He’s just grown a hell of a lot smaller. More specifically, 80% smaller. Since 1987, kids (and some easily amused adults) have been able to find Waldo without an unreasonable amount of trouble. However, in recent years Martin Handford has decided to up the challenge, because, well, that’s what the people want.


Check out this scale:


'Where's Waldo'

Image Via Slate


On the left is a scene from a 1987 book and the right in from 2009. On the left Waldo takes up a good amount of space as he travels through the snow. As for the right, it took me a good few minutes to find him in the prehistoric mess of a scene. Yes, I do wear glasses and contacts, but that’s not the point. If you need a hint, go to the 40 mark on the tape measure and move right. See that little face behind the huge dinosaur and wild jungle growth? Yeah, that’s Waldo. His notable sweater that helps him stand apart from the crowd is no where to be seen. How unfair.



'Where's Waldo?'

Image Via Slate


Slate’s chart shows Waldo as the ever-shrinking man over the years. In addition to scale, his visibility quickly declined as the number of objects in the scenes quickly increased, because why not? From 225 figures to 850, that’s a huge jump! But I guess nothing is like the good ol’ days and people want to pump their neurons with a good Waldo search.


If you have someone in mind that would like one of the Where’s Waldo books this season, just make sure they’re going to be up to the challenge.


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Jack from ‘Will & Grace’ Creates Nutcracker-Inspired Children’s Book

To all the Will & Grace fans out there who have recently come back to life with the show’s revival: I know, and I love them too. So if you just can’t get enough of the lovable characters, more specifically just Jack, then I’ve got something you’ll find incredibly sweet.


Sean Hayes

Image Via People


People has revealed that Sean Hayes and husband Scott Icenogle have co-written a children’s book entitled Plum, inspired by none other than the Nutcracker! “The story is about a little orphan girl named Plum who desires a family of her own one day. When a blizzard threatens to ruin Christmas, Plum starts on an amazing adventure,” Hayes says of his spirited character. “She journeys to the Land of Sweets, but finds that it is turning sour because of a mysterious sadness in the kingdom. Plum has to find a way to save the kingdom, and if she does, she might just find her greatest wish come true!”


Image Via People


Hayes wants people to see Plum as the character who has a little bit of all of us inside her. From the Christmas spirit to the belief that you can truly achieve anything you set your mind to, Plum is the purple-haired heroine we all want to be friends with. With her courageous attitude and positive aura, it’s no wonder the couple brought her to life.


“Since we don’t have children, we get to virtually adopt Plum into our lives. She’s a special girl.” said the actor. Hayes hopes to continue Plum’s story for both children and adults who relive their best memories within the magical story. Plum comes out November 2018, just in time for the holidays. 


Feature Image Via People.