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Rap Artist Nas Writes Inspiring Children’s Book

American Rapper Nas has turned to book writing in addition to his song writing. Announcing his new children’s book, he hopes to inspire our younger generation.

Through his Instagram account, Nas—full name, Nasir “Nas” Jones—announced the new book, I Know I Can, four days ago. The fan response has been amazing in this short amount of time, with over 90,000 people liking the post.





According to Pitchfork, a media company following the music industry, “the book will be part of a children’s series ’empowering kids to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.’”

For any of you Nas fans who may have already guessed it, Pitchfork also confirms that the title is also a reference to one of the Rap Artist’s song “I Can” from the 2002 album God’s Son.



The song spreads the message that we can achieve our dreams no matter where we’ve come from, so long as we put in the time and practice. Covering some heavy topics (e.g., drug abuse and rape), Nas’s lyrics also urge young kids to not grow up too quickly and make smart and responsible decisions to follow the right path. The book appears to promise the same message.

There is no release date for the book I Know I Can yet. Until then we’ll just have to hear Nas’s words in symphony, and share them with the children we know and wish the best and brightest future to.



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Scotland’s First Space Pilot Took Children’s Book With Him Into Space!

On February 22nd, 2019, the first Scottish person went into space. His name was David Mackay and he was inspired at an early age when he was given a book in his small village back in the 60s. According to the BBC he was given the book Exploring Space  as a reward for his good attendance in Sunday school in 1964. David Mackay revealed he was inspired by the book to become a pilot and eventually travel into space. His first dream was fulfilled by becoming a test pilot and eventually, the second was also completed when he became the Chief Pilot of Virgin Galactic.



A spaceship flies low over the Earth's atmosphere in the vacuum of space

Image Via BBC

Mackay joined the RAF in the 1990s and worked with them as a military/test pilot for sixteen years. After that, he flew an Airbus and Boeing 747 passenger craft before becoming Virgin Galactic’s Chief Pilot, helping to push the company forward to offer flights into space itself. When he took a ‘space plane’ out of Earth’s atmosphere, he guided it almost 56 miles above our planet. When he went up there, he took Exploring Space with him, showcasing the effect and great impact the book had on his life. Mackay’s journey is inspiring, showing the impact a book can have on you, no matter how big or small, and showcasing how one can follow their dreams from reading.

We hope to see Mackay continue to fly, journeying into the final frontier beyond the confines of Earth,  with his trusted childhood favorite by his side! Maybe someday, we’ll be flying on one of his space planes and journey upward on a galactic vacation!

Are there any books that inspired you at a young age? Tell us in the comments! Maybe you have a similar story to David Mackay.



Featured Image Via BBC