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Cher performing at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Cher Announces Upcoming Autobiography and Film

Do stars who have never left the public consciousness really need comebacks? Cher’s long string of recent accomplishments is less a comeback and more a continuation, with devotees adoring her recent appearance in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and her new broadway show, The Cher Show. Turns out she really is here, Cher, and everywhere—soon, she’ll even be on your bookshelf. Cher announced her upcoming autobiography (and autobiographical film!) via Twitter:


"Writing life story! Book due out first part of 2020. Biopic to follow"


While there have been many Cher biographies, we’ve yet to receive a serious Cher autobiography—fans may love her 1998 collection The First Time, but they’ll also likely acknowledge that the book is mostly inessential anecdotes, none of which lead to a nuanced picture of her life. Many of the biographies have also been superficial, preferring to view Cher more as controversial tabloid figure than as the musical superstar she’s always been. (An inarguable fact, given that she’s the world’s only artist to break #1 in six consecutive decades.)


Cher portrait photo

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Cher may have blessed us with the insight on the 2020 release date, but she has not yet released any further details. Dare we hope the biopic is a musical?



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