‘The Stand’ Reboot Creeped Out Cast With 2020 Similarities

CBS All Access’ limited series, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, concluded filming just three days before COVID-19 shut down production worldwide earlier this year in March, yet the cast has noticed just how similar apocalypse in The Stand is to our current situation, including actor Nat Wolff, who plays Lloyd Henreid, henchman of the story’s supernatural antagonist Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård):

“I got spooked. ‘Oh, COVID -19 is just like the flu’ like in the show, and I’m reading about prisoners in Italy lighting toilet paper on fire to get attention – I had just shot a scene where I was doing that. I went into panic mode.”

However, showrunner Benjamin Cavill emphasizes that The Stand isn’t just about a pandemic. While the superflu (dubbed Captain Tripps) does wipe out over 99% of the human race (along with dogs, horses and a myriad of other different species), the true story is a fight between good and evil of Biblical (literally) proportions, or as Cavill puts it:

“Captain Tripps is the mechanism by which the world gets emptied out so that King can do his Lord of the Rings in the United States and set up a walk to Mordor.”

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Mordor, in this case, quite fittingly, being Sin City itself Las Vegas, which is where Randall Flagg and his following of lost souls live, in contrast to Boulder, Colorado, where Mother Abigail, the maternal and virtuous counterpart to Flagg’s cruelty and depravity, resides with her own community. For those unaware, the main conflict resides here, with two conflicting supernatural forces scrambling to gather up what remains of humanity.

Yet a global superflu isn’t the only similarity to our current predicament, as two figureheads of contrasting ideals collecting followers like Pokemon cards is all too reminiscent of this year’s election, a comparison almost confirmed not only with Flagg’s incessant need to brand his symbol on on every Vegas monument, but also with his frequent ego-boosting rallies, all too familiar traits of a certain candidate. Actress Fiona Douriff, who plays a character by the name of Rat Woman, former showgirl and one of Flagg’s sycophants (and gender bent from the character in the novel), also compares Skarsgård’s performance to a “sexy Trump.”

While Stephen King first wrote The Stand over forty years ago, CBS All Access’ adaptation is updating the story for the modern day. While one could make the argument that this strategy is taking a timeless tale and transforming it into a summary of 2020, I’ll play devils advocate and say that having a global pandemic in recent memory will completely revolutionize the “Contagion” genre. And in reference to Randall Flagg, characters like him will always exist. Yet only time can tell!

The Stand will be released on CBS All Access next week on the 17th, and as a Stephen King superfan, I’m still pretty excited for it!


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‘The Stand’ Official Trailer Released

CBS All Access’ The Stand released its official trailer earlier today, and for those of us who have read the best-selling Stephen King novel of the same name, it was well worth the wait! Staring Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, Odessa Young, Jovan Adepo, and many more, the limited series will also feature an all new conclusion written by King himself. Check out the trailer below:

For those of you who haven’t read the book, I’ll give you the gist: a weaponized super-flu developed by the U.S Military is accidentally released into the public, wiping out 99% of the total human population. The world’s few survivors are haunted by dreams from Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg), who tells them to all meet in Boulder City, Colorado and align themselves against The Dark Man (Alexander Skarsgård), or Randall Flagg, who is also gathering a following in – where else? – Sin City itself Las Vegas. With a war of Biblical proportions brewing, which side will prevail?

What I’m a little concerned about is that the show isn’t going to handle this Holy War’s opposing sides as subtly as King handled them in the book. While he makes clear which side is good and which side is evil to the reader, the characters within the context of the novel are more or less left on their own, drawn to both side with equally compelling promises, for as the Bible states, the Devil will come cloaked as an angel of light. With the brief glimpses of carnal consumption and sexual debauchery we see displayed in the scenes in Vegas, I hope that this miniseries doesn’t portray the side of darkness as the obvious bad guys à la Star Wars.


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