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The Top 7 Peeta Quotes of ‘Catching Fire’

Today marks the seventh anniversay of the movie premiere for Suzanne Collins' Catching Fire, the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy. In honor of the day that the best movie of the series was released, I'm sharing the seven best Peeta quotes to honor the seventh year this amazing story caught fire in our hearts.

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Ranking ‘The Hunger Games’ Novels From Worst To Best

In honor of Suzanne’s Collins newest novel, The Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes, which is prequel to The Hunger Games trilogy, I thought it would be fun to rank the three novels. Let me just start out by saying that I love all three books, so ranking them is a bit tough. It’s almost as hard as ranking all the Harry Potter books, which I don’t think i could ever do, but I did  manage to rank these three books.

3. MockingJay

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Mockingjay, is the last book in the series and it also so happens to be my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love this book, but the first time I read it I didn’t like it at all. I thought the plot was confusing and there was a lot of jumping around. Then I re-read the series and I fell in love with this book. A lot does happen in this book, but it’s great. However, Katniss is made to be a pawn in the revolution and she is being used to take down the Capitol, which is kind of annoying because Katniss has been through so much and she’s just a teenager.

She has to be an adult and protect her family and the rest of the remaining districts so they can have a peaceful life. I felt so bad for Katniss but at the same time I admired her, and then everything with Peeta bothered me. I hated that he was trained to hate Katniss and Gale is just outright trying too hard to win over Katniss in this book. As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate. Also, it sucks that Prim dies, but other than those things I do love this book. I just love it the least.

2. The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games, is the first book in the series and my second favorite. I absolutely love this book, but when I first experienced reading this book it took me three times to make it past the first chapter. Once I read the first chapter for the third time, I couldn’t put it down. This was my first experience reading a dystopian novel and I just found the whole setting and characters fascinating. Katniss is a great warrior and she did everything she could to win, even if it meant defying the Capitol, she never forgot who she was and what she needed to do to stay alive for her family. Peeta is so great, and his love for Katniss was unexpected, but also extremely sweet. The parts with those two in the cave are the best part, and I also loved the dynamic between Katniss and Rue.

I found it so honorable that Katniss would have killed herself if it meant Rue would win. Too bad Rue didn’t make it, but Katniss did and she made sure to did it for Rue. Katniss managed to win on nerve and her ability to use a bow and arrow. The only part I didn’t like was how she kinda of abused Peeta’s feelings, I understand Katniss is a teenager and doesn’t understand romantic feelings, but she hurt Peeta. Peeta thought she was falling for him, but she did all of that to keep them alive, which was great, but also messed up. However, she thought Peeta was also playing along so it’s not entirely her fault. Katniss was just sixteen, what does she know about love?


  1. Catching Fire

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Catching Fire, is the second book in the series and my favorite one. Similar to Mockingjay, when I first read it I didn’t like it much, because I thought it didn’t live up to the first one, but then I read it again I loved it. We are introduced to some amazing new characters, Finnick, Johanna, Betee, Wiress , and so many more. The quarter quell was amazing, and how they all banded together to take down the capital. One of my personal favorites is when Wiress kept chanting “Tick-Tock” and they finally caught on to what she meant. It’s full of so much suspense and secrets.

It leaves you guessing and the ending is left on a cliff hanger, with Peeta being taken by the capitol and Katniss finding out after she wakes up. The best part about this book is how Katniss puts everyone else’s life before her own. She wanted Peeta to make it out regardless if she didn’t and she was so heartbroken when she learned he was kidnapped. I felt so many emotions while reading this and was left on the edge of my seat. It’s honestly the best one in my opinion.

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Five Fiery Hunger Games Memes

Oh the Hunger Games. Truly the best of the pack from the dystopian craze, at least in my opinion. It had everything. Fire, social commentary, death, crazy outfits. More movies than you can count. It’s been a while, but I know we’re still hype, and the second Mockingjay movie came out four years ago today, so let’s open some old wounds and have some laughs.


I’m Just Saying

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Look. If we were married, we would live in the same place, and therefore we’d have tons of time to work on the project. Just smart thinking, right? The only group project anyone ever wants to do. Yeah, this part of the story was insanely depressing, but don’t we all sometimes feel like we’re tap dancing just a few inches ahead of death? Just me? And if you’re asking someone to marry you in literally any other situation, you need to look happier about it. Just a tip.


No Games

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The Hunger Games didn’t invent killing all your characters and breaking everyone’s hearts. If anything, The Hunger Games was more metal about it, because those books were directed at a younger audience. I mean, maybe younger people thank I think watch GOT, but the audience for this was potentially young. I was a teenager when the last book came out, probably, but imagine reading it and being Prue’s age, younger. Rooting for her. Too soon?


Advice vs. Execution

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If it ain’t me. He’s just lucky he didn’t fall over. I know the act natural trope is crazy overused, but I just can’t be mad when it’s always so funny. As someone who’s never succeeded at seeming unbothered in my life, I can just relate on a really deep level. Sure, I’ve never gotten to the point of wearing a white suit about it, but I did once back into a table and fall over trying to act calm and professional. That might just be a me thing. Peeta does look awkward, though. Maybe because that collar’s clearly stabbing him.



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Look, I like to think I’d say to hell with the capital too, but at the same time, cushy job, probably some crazy hats, literally more food than you can eat… Sure, it worked out for him, but he really rolled the dice, didn’t he? For most of the rebellion it was like, hmm, do we fight or do we accept death? They could only profit. Maybe he saw an opportunity, maybe he was just a really good dude deep down, but his character really shows you the limits of first person narrative.


So Punny

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*air horn sound* Alright, it’s probably not that funny. I just love it when people laugh really hard and I don’t get it like that. Look at the reaction image! Is it that funny to someone? Is it ironic laughter? Either way I’m amused. I also have a bunch of questions about snow. He was basically omnipotent, and he couldn’t make that work for him. For all he seemed clever in the books, I really don’t know how he let himself get killed by an excited crowd. What a fall from grace.

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