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8 Writers Surprised With $165,000 Awards

What wonderful news! According The Guardian, the Windham-Campbell Prize awarded $165,000 to each of eight writers, all of whom were unaware they were being considered for an award. The Windham-Campbell prizes are among the richest literary awards in the world, and are intended to allow writers to focus on their work free from financial concerns. This year, the winners included essayist Rebecca Solnit, journalist Raghu Karnad, novelist David Chariandy, poets Kwame Dawes and Ishion Hutchinson, playwrights Patricia Cornelius and Young Jean Lee, and novelist Danielle McLaughlin.

Some authors thought it was a practical joke, such as Chariandy, and others had some serious moments of self-doubt they had actually received the award. Jamaican poet Hutchinson said he was absolutely ‘floored’ by the email and gives him new focus to sustain his work. But they were all immensely grateful to receive the awards. We are extremely happy for all these authors, as each of their works is unique and distinct. Well earned for all of them and inspiring for young writers as well!


Featured Image Via The Guardian