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Someone Edited ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to Reduce the Female Roles

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame.



Avengers: Endgame is one of the biggest films of all time, and it’s certainly one of the most critically acclaimed films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One aspect of the film that garnered the most acclaim was the uniting of nearly the entire MCU for an all-out battle against Thanos. Despite the immense joy this move brought to die-hard and casual fans alike, not everyone was in agreement.

Apparently, someone wasn’t happy with a few of the characters in the movie. Specifically, the female ones.

NPR reported yesterday that an anonymous “fan” has released an edited version of Endgame called the “defeminized” version. This new edit minimizes the roles of all the female characters in the film… and some, it even removes.

Captain Marvel was cut out of the film entirely. For a “fan,” this anonymous editor is ruthless with the film’s plot; without Captain Marvel, there are also no scenes where she saves Iron Man from space and destroys one of Thanos’ ships in the final battle (both of which are pretty important to the timeline of the film). The scene where all the female superheroes come together, referencing a potential A-Force movie, is conspicuously absent.


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Some smaller scenes are also missing, such as the opening scene where Hawkeye trains his daughter in archery, and when Tony Stark talks with Pepper Potts about potentially returning to the team.

Some male scenes were edited as well: Black Panther was removed, as well as any scenes involving two male characters hugging. While that last one doesn’t necessarily move anything plot-relevant, it is a bit baffling.

A deliberate removal of women from a cult classic film, while controversial, is nothing new. When Star Wars: The Last Jedi met with polarizing reception from fans, a “chauvinist cut” appeared online that edited out all the female characters in the movie—reducing the two-and-a-half film to only 45 minutes.

It’s unclear whether or not this film is an elaborate troll, and it may no longer be available online.


What are your thoughts on this?





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The Next Avenger? Check Out the 6 Superheroes Marvel Could Adapt Next!

With Endgame over, Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic universe has reached its conclusion. It’s safe to say we’re in a transition period in which characters like Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are on their way out, with newer characters like Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel taking their place as the main heroes of the sprawling superhero universe. But what about even more characters? With Marvel having a vast library of superheroes, its inventible we’re going to be getting a lot of new faces with Phase 4 and beyond. But who could they be? Let’s have a look at some of the superheroes from the comics who haven’t been adapted yet and see who might be candidates for showing up!



The superhero Nova crackling with energy as he stands before a planet in space

Image via Marvel

6. Nova

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the Nova Corps, so it stands to reason their most famous member of the comics has a good shot at showing up in the future. Richard Rider, better known as Nova, was given the helmet of the intergalactic space police by a dying Corps member. Although he didn’t have any idea how to use his equipment at first, he eventually discovered the helmet gave him a connection to a special energy field called the Nova Force, which allowed him to access abilities such as flight, super strength, and energy manipulation. With the MCU continuing to expand into cosmic territory, it’d be awesome to see this galactic defender get his due. Perhaps there could even be a crossover with Captain Marvel or the Guardians!



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5. Moon knight

Moon Knight is essentially a Batman-like vigilante but with one difference: he’s pretty messed up in the headSuffering from dissociative identity disorder, Moon Knight has developed multiple personalities, being born as Marc Spector but also becomes Steven Grant, a millionaire, and Jake Lockley, a taxicab driver. Prowling the streets after dark, Moon Knight uses gadgets and his own combat training to take down the criminal underworld, making him a fascinating anti-hero who’s always teetering the line on becoming a villain.



Beta Ray Bill stands in front of a turbulent, stormy background with a hammer

Image via Comicbooknews

4. Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is one of the wilder heroes of the wider Marvel Universe. A noble warrior alien, Beta Ray Bill is distinctive for being so pure hearted and good that he could wield Thor’s hammer, much like Captain America. It was he who was granted Stormbreaker in the comics and his costume partially inspired Thor’s look in Infinity War and Endgame. A rival and friend to Thor, Beta Ray Bill might even be a worthy successor to the God of Thunder in the films, taking Stormbreaker from Thor if the God of Thunder truly hangs up his hammer.



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3. Devil Dinosaur 

This guy is a bit of an obscure one, but so were the Guardians and Dr. Strange before they got big. Hailing from a parallel world overtaken by dinosaurs and cave people, Devil Dinosaur aids his friend Moon Boy on the dinosaur infested planet, fighting off dinosaurs and other monsters as they journey across the hostile world. In the modern day, Devil Dinosaur found his way to Earth, where he teamed up with a young girl called Moon Girl. Devil Dinosaur is a bit high-concept, but who wouldn’t want a Dino buddy as their companion?



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2. Ironheart

A 15 year old engineering student, Ironheart began life as Riri Williams, who stole Iron Man tech and forged her own suit of armor. Beginning a career as an underground superhero, Ironheart established herself as a member of her community, helping out the little guy before becoming integrated with the superhero community at large. With more callings for diverse superheroes, it’d be fantastic to see an intelligent, talented young black woman become an Avenger.



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1. Ms. Marvel

A very popular candidate to appear in the films, Kamala Kahn is a young Muslin woman who inherits abilities thanks to Captain Marvel and grows into a superhero. Kamala Kahn has been acclaimed for portraying a young woman with diverse interests, with a colorful personality who instantly feels relatable to a young audience. She’s the hero who feels especially relevant now and one that would be great to see in the world.





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Mindy Kaling Confirms She’s in Talks About ‘Ms. Marvel’

Captain Marvel was a huge success, bringing in over a billion dollars worldwide and making Carol Danvers a household name. But there’s another hero who remains a fan favorite among comic book fans who shares the Marvel name. Kamala Khan, a Pakistani immigrant who hails from New Jersey, was hailed as one of the best comic book characters of all time. She’s been hailed for allowing a Muslim character to headline a major comic title, as well as her personality being funny, full of heart, and showcasing her as a young, new hero making her way in the wider Marvel Universe. Fans have been clamoring for a big screen adaptation of the character for sometime and it appears Marvel is hoping to make that a reality.


Superhero Ms. Marvel stretches her arm and punches out a bank robber while reading her phone
Image via Newsweek


ComicBook has revealed that Mindy Kaling has been in talks about the character on a recent press tour. Kaling noted Marvel is extremely excited about the character and trying to figure out what to do with her. Kaling seems to share the enthusiasm, noting that an unknown talent might be best for bringing the character to life (similar to how the big stars of the MCU, such as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr became mega stars for playing Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man). Kaling has previously offered to a pitch a script to adapt the comic character. The overseer of the MCU, Kevin Fiege, has noted they did Captain Marvel first with the intention of doing Ms. Marvel later, in order for Kahn to have someone to be inspired by.

With all this passion around the project, we hope Kaling is brought on board to adapt this character and we can’t wait to see her brought to life! What are your thoughts?



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People are LOVING ‘Avengers: Endgame’

This weekend, Avengers: Endgame finally hits theaters. After ten years and twenty-one films, the most epic chapter in the MCU’s history will finally be released. If there was any worry about whether or not the film is any good, these early Twitter reactions should be a clear indication.

On Monday night, Endgame had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Convention Center. A handful of journalists and reviewers were able to see it. Though a review embargo is still in place, many of them posted their reactions online:


The general consensus seems to be that Avengers: Endgame is an epic film that balances humor and sadness well and not only serves as a proper sequel to Infinity War but also a tribute to the last eleven years of MCU history.

How excited are you for Endgame?



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Captain Marvel Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide

Another Marvel superhero has joined the billion dollar club.


Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, just crossed a billion dollars in worldwide grosses yesterday. As of this writing, the movie’s global tally now stands at $358 million domestic, $644 global.


This is the seventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to cross the billion dollar mark. This includes Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 3, and all three Avengers films.


It’s not surprising to hear that a Marvel film did well at the box office, but this news is especially good considering that there were trolls who tried to sabotage the film online.


With her movie proving a success and her role in Avengers: Endgame, which is rumored to be pretty big depending on footage revealed at CinemaCon this week, it looks like Captain Marvel is here to stay. Here’s hoping a sequel comes sooner rather than later.



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