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This University’s Edible Books Festival Offers Tasty Reads

Great books and delicious food are the perfect match. And a fun new trend helps bring both of them together!

Edible book festivals have popped up on college campuses all over the USA, and each one has the same idea: book lovers show up to display their culinary skills and their love of puns and serve delicious treats for all to enjoy. Though these festivals have taken college campuses nationwide by storm, for now let’s focus on the festival at UC Berkeley, California.

The third edible book festival at Berkeley was held on March 18th. Organized by librarian Susan Powell, the event is open to students and faculty. The festival is held in an effort to bring people together.

“We wanted to celebrate books in a fun, lighthearted way that we felt could touch a lot of people. Whether you’re more of an artistic type, or you love literature, or you’re creative — no matter where you’re coming from, you can find some way to get involved,” said Stacy Reardon, a literatures and digital humanities librarian at Berkeley.

In addition to uniting the community, there are also judges who hand out prizes based on: Punniest, Eye Candy, Least Edible, People’s Choice and Best Student Entry.

Judging by these photos, it looks like everyone was a winner:


Tail of Two Kitties entry
Image Via Berkeley Library News


A more political entry from 2018 is "The Handmaid's Tamale."
Image Via Atlas Obscura


The one and only "Communist Antipasto."
Image Via Atlas Obscura


You can read more about the festival here.



Featured Image Via Berkeley News

Fire Story

Graphic Novelist Who Lost Home in Wildfire Creates Beautiful Comic

The California firestorm devastated hundreds of families and has left forty-two dead. Among the many who lost their homes was graphic novelist Brian Fies. As difficult as it must be for his family, his community, and him, Fies transformed the loss of his home into a brief comic called ‘A Fire Story.’


Fire Story p1

Image Via Brian Fies

Fire Story p2

Image Via Brian Fies


As heartbreaking as it is to see this happen, Fies’ comic is extraordinarily creative. His style is light and cartoonish, which makes gives the reading experience kind of an ironic feel. You can’t help but laugh when he yells at his neighbor through bad reception, telling her she’s lost her home. It’s kind of funny.


Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, Fries talked a little about the process of writing a comic dealing with a really fresh wound. He wrote:


‘A Fire Story’ was done under duress, much faster and rougher than I normally would. I drew it with Sharpie markers and colored highlighters on terrible pulp paper because they were the only art supplies I could find at Target, the only open store within 20 miles of home. That’s part of the point: how the comic was made reflects the circumstances it was made in.


It’s always difficult to see photographs of tragedies, but it’s almost worse seeing the wildfire depicted in such a personal way. Fies thinks of himself as a sort of “graphic journalist.” One of his previous works, Mom’s Cancer, was a sort of self-therapy for Fies when his mother got sick, but it was also about witnessing and recording the truth of a situation. Considering comics is obviously a visual medium, it’s odd this sort of thing is done so rarely. Though, some nonfiction graphic novels do come to mind: John Lewis and Andrew Aydin’s March, Craig Thompson’s Blankets. Hopefully other artists take Fies’ approach. It’s powerful.


Fire Story

Image Via Brian Fies

Fire Story

Image Via Brian Fies


Read the full ‘A Fire Story’ on Fies’ blog here.


Feature Image Via Brian Fies

Feature Image Via PBS

‘Peanuts’ Creator Charles Schulz’s Home Destroyed in California Wildfire

Author and Peanuts creator Charles Schulz’s home in Sonoma, California has been victim to the devastating brush of wildfires in Northern California.


His son Monte Schulz tells LA Times that his stepmother, Charles’ widow Jean Schulz, luckily made it out of the home before the flames took over and destroyed it. Charles and Jean moved there in the 1970s and Jean has lived there until now. This is also the same place Charles passed away back in 2000.


Although Charles worked in a studio outside of the home, it still possessed memorabilia from his past work and his family that is now gone forever. Fortunately, The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa is the primary location for most of Schulz’s work, and it has not been affected by the wildfires. But this fact alone doesn’t exactly replace the loss felt by his family. “Obviously stuff from my dad and their life together, all gone,” Monte says. 


Charles Schulz

Image Via Pinterest


The wildfire has devastated people living in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and other parts of Northern California. Towns are being evacuated, over 2,000 homes have been destroyed, and the death toll continues to rise. California is in a state of emergency.


Charles Schulz is a prominent figure in the Sonoma and Santa Rosa area. The Santa Rosa Airport was named The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport and its logo is of Snoopy flying his infamous red doghouse. The Schulz family has lived in Sonoma for over thirty years.


Feature Image Via PBS