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The New York Times’ Book Calendar Is a Must for the Overwhelmed Bookworm

The New York Times Book Review just made your bookworm lives so much easier. They’ve created a book calendar that’ll help you keep track of essentially every major literary event happening in 2018. The calendar has lists everything from book releases, book festivals, anniversaries of books, notable author birthdays, and the release dates for upcoming book adaptations.


Here are some key events to keep in mind over the next few months:


February 6th: Zadie Smith’s collection of essays Feel Free drops.


February 12th: Judy Blume’s 80th birthday! You better set a reminder for this one.


March 9th: Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time adaptation finally hits theaters!


March 21st: World Poetry Day once again!


March 30th: Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One will blow our minds with pop culture references.


April 15th: Pulitzer Prizes…


May 22nd: Michael Chabon’s Pops hits shelves. Yay!


The calendar is filled in until July, but count on them updating this constantly as events and releases near. I highly recommend you download the calendar here, and set reminders for everything that interests you. 2018 is the year to become the very best sort of bookworm—an organized one!




Feature Photo by Estée Janssens Via Unsplash