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Stolen Books Worth $3.5 Million Discovered Beneath a House in Romania

Three years ago, 200 valuable books were stolen from a warehouse in London and among these were first editions of Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Francisco Goya. Last Wednesday, however, they were found beneath a house in Romania. Read to learn more!

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Valuable Rare Books Stolen from Historic Bookstore

A local treasure, Baldwin’s Book Barn in East Bradford, Pennsylvania, was burglarized on Monday. Unfortunately, several rare and valuable books have been stolen. 

The building in which the bookstore now operates was built in 1822. William and Lilla Baldwin, the current owners, began selling rare books in 1934. They purchased the structure and converted the nearby barn into a bookstore in 1946. Apparently, the store is as rife with historical value as its collection. The store is said to sell thousands of rare books as well as manuscripts, paintings, and antique collectibles.


The rare bookstore, featuring the bookstore cat

Image Via NY TIMES


On Monday, employees at Baldwin’s Book Barn reported that, when they arrived at the establishment, the glass on the front door had been broken as had the glass cases containing the store’s most prized possessions. Several other notable items were stolen, including an oil painting and several first-edition books, the combined value of which is between $5,000 to $10,000. While a particularly valuable first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird was regrettably stolen, the shop’s owners feel fortunate that a $1,200 rare set of Jane Austen novels was no longer in the store.

Several of the store’s windows were also broken, most likely to test if there was a security system present. Ironically, the store manager said they were considering putting in a new security system and a new lock on the door prior to the incident.

West Chester police is currently investigating the incident.



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