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This Incredible New Braille E-Reader Will Soon Be Available

Bristol Braille Company, a company in Bristol, England developed what seems to resemble a newly designed version of a Kindle that helps the blind to read. Of course, it’s not a Kindle, and the device is called Canute 360.


Image Via Indiatimes.com


According to India Times, the way Canute 360 works is that it supports any book that has been translated to braille downloads it onto the reading device immediately. Although, there are studies that show reading among the blind has dropped because of the advances of technology like audiobooks. Bristol Braille suggests that learning braille increases literacy among the blind and, thanks to this prototype that will be available to the public this year, they will be sure to see it increase even more.


Image Via Indiatimes.com (Photo: Reuters)


Canute 360 will be priced in equivalence to a laptop. It will be released sometime in 2019 and Bristol Braille listed its features if you’re more curious about the prototype:


  • 360 cells: nine lines of forty characters of Braille
  • Supports all six-dot Braille codes (including music, maths and foreign languages) and tactile graphics
  • Dimensions 36.5 X 18.5 X 8 cm (approx 14 X 7 X 1.5 inches), 2.8KG
  • 2 X USB A; 1 X USB A; Video out; SD Card slot; 3. 55mm audio out
  • 3 page navigation buttons
  • 9 line select keys
  • Contextual help button



Featured Image Via Indiatimes.com