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Harry Hermione and Ron

“His Vomit-Inducing Uncle, Gigglesnort”: This Comedian Makes Harry Potter Hilarious

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies so many times they’re not entertaining anymore, then have I got the video for you. Brad Neely (of “George Washington” fame…and also South Park) contributed a wondrous spin on Harry Potter for fans of all ages and senses of humor.


In Wizard People, Dear Reader, Neely narrates the events of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Professor McGonagall becomes Hardcastle McCormack, Dumbledore becomes Dumbledore the Half-dead, and Dudley Dursley becomes Roastbeefy. It just seems appropriate.


Harry Potter is basically the most powerful child in the universe, and, with that angle alone, the actual plot of The Sorcerer’s Stone becomes funny.


But I’ll let Neely do the talking. Please enjoy Wizard People, Dear Reader.




Feature Image Via Warner Bros.