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The Amazon description for Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin notes that, “Gallatin’s history is filled with fires, executions, cholera outbreaks and other terrible misfortunes,” and how the town has “a complicated history of the paranormal and mysterious.”


Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin by [Sircy, Allen]
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It might just be wishful-read fearful-thinking. The town thinks it’s haunted, ergo strange and paranormal sightings go up, nothing more than simple overthinking of the mundane, but ultimately that doesn’t matter.


“Literally every building I went to, somebody had a story”


That quote comes from Allen Sircy, an author and a middle Tennessee man who wanted to give back to his community.


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The history of the town drew Sircy in. A local resident, Sircy noticed that around his home, trash cans would apparently move on their own, lights would flicker on and off, and the TV would turn on and off.



Given the large amount of ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia, Sircy’s wife suggested that he develop an app that would guide newcomers through multiple ghost tours. Thus he spent a large amount of time researching stories around Nashville that he could put on the app.


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Many of the stories he heard were about the Gallatin square.

One experience was during a recorded interview at Rose Mont, when Sircy told a man that he had just had a son, proclaiming it to be a “proud moment for my family.” When he listened to the recording, he heard an unknown woman respond to that quote by saying, “oh good.”

It was one of the “coolest” and “most personal experiences I’ve ever had.”

Sure dude. Whatever makes you happy.



From these stories, Sircy was able to launch several apps, the New Orleans Ghost Map, the Salem Ghost Map, the Savannah Ghost Map, Louisville Ghost Map and Boston Ghost Map. Notably, the Nashville Ghost Map guides users through more than 100 locations around middle Tennessee.

But Sircy didn’t stop at just apps. With plenty of stories at hand, Sircy compiled them all into a book. Not a man to stop while he’s ahead, Sircy did something incredible next.


Ashley's Place

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Ashley’s Place is a nonprofit organization established in 2000 and named after a Sumner County girl who was a victim of child sexual abuse. It aims to help victims of child abuse across Sumner County.

Thus, Sircy is donating part of the proceeds of his book to Ashley’s Place.

Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin was published on August 16th. It is available on Amazon, and these three boutique stores: Pickled Treats & Antiques, Timeless Treasures, and A Daisy A Day Vintage and Antiques.

Visit Ashley’s Place here.




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