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A Beginner’s Guide to BookTube

What is BookTube?

It seems as though you can find absolutely anything on YouTube these days. There are plenty of communities and creators that are guaranteed to make you fall down a rabbit hole or two at 3 a.m.. The book world is no different. Bookstragram has recently exploded as literary fanatics take to Instagram to post and discuss their new favorite readers. BookTube is very similar. Bookworms get behind a camera and talk to their subscribers about their favorite reads of the moment.

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What kinds of videos exist on BookTube?


I’m glad you asked. BookTubers typically follow a certain regiment for the types of videos they post. Just like any YouTuber, there are plenty of hauls. Unhauls have also become popular where creators talk about the books they didn’t love or won’t get a chance to read so they opt to donate them.

A ton of BookTubers post lots of reading vlogs. These vary from creator to creator. Most often, creators in these way will discuss what they are currently reading with their audience. They include sped up reading sessions with satisfying page turning sounds. Sometimes, they take their subscribers along on other parts of their day, not limited to book content. It becomes a casual place for creators to chat, maybe unbox a subscription package or two, and connect with their audience about what is going on in their life at that moment.



Many BookTubers collaborate and will all read the same book and livestream a virtual book club. Readers can read the same book and listen in and add their own thoughts in the comments as if they all belong to the same club.

With BookTube comes tons and tons of favorites and wrap-up videos. These include: what I read this month, favorite books of the year, favorite fantasy books of the year and so on.

For the organization lover in all of us, being a BookTuber means having an exorbitant number of books. This lends itself to bookshelf tours and bookshelf organization videos to inspire our own bookish designs or long after another’s perfectly picturesque bookshelf.

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Why Should I Watch?

Firstly, reading vlogs are super relaxing. They are perfect to put on while making dinner or doing homework to pass the time. They can make you feel like you are hanging out with someone without ever having to leave your house or your computer screen. You could also always take out a book and read alongside your favorite BookTuber. I promise they won’t mind.

The main reason to watch BookTube for book lovers is to gain inspiration. You hear multiple different viewpoints about what to read, what is good, what isn’t and so on. It is the perfect place to find your next read and hear opinions on something you just finished and want to know more about.


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Who Should I Watch?

Here are a few of BookTubers that are active and engaging right now.

Brittany the Bibliophile- Brittany posts a ton of reading vlogs perfect for a relaxing night in. She tends to lean towards fantasy, so if you do the same, she would be a great place for recommendations. She has a lively spirit and is a joy to watch.



Chandler Ainsley- Romance lovers gather! Ainsley loves a good romance and she is not afraid to share her thoughts. Master on all things adult contemporary, Ainsley keeps it real with constant vlogs and wrap up videos that are perfect to inspire your next TBR.

Naya Reads and Smiles- Her YouTube name says it all. Naya has an infectious positive attitude that will make you want to read anything she says to. Naya makes a myriad of different videos perfect for all tastes.

Explore BookTube for yourself and discover your favorite creators. And don’t forget to like and subscribe down below.


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