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This Bookseller Job in the Maldives Is the Job of Dreams

A luxury resort in the beautiful Maldives is searching for a bookseller, the Guardian reports. The pay might not be all that much but the benefits would seem to outweigh the salary. “The role will evolve,” says Philip Blackwell, a member of the family, who run the business. “And it is in part up to you to make the most of this unique opportunity.” He says it is a dream job for many people.


However, it’s important that applicants be aware of the nation’s political and religious climate before they decide to apply for a job that has them move there: a satirical blogger who targeted the nation’s religious and political establishment was stabbed to death last year in the nation’s capital of Male… Hopefully, passionate book-lovers who find this job appealing will look at what the job fully requires before applying. 


In order to get the job, the applicant must sign up for a minimum of three months and must write “an entertaining and lively blog that captures the exhausting life of desert island bookseller.” The successful applicant must also be comfortable conversing with A-list celebrities and their friends, so if a celeb like Leonardo DiCaprio comes around with his group of friends, the bookseller needs to know how to keep their cool.


Blackwell adds that the applicant needs to have a passion for books, be able to engage guests of all ages, entertain children by telling stories and host creative writing courses for the guests. “We want someone on the ground who is creative and inspiring and can maybe get more people to share the pleasure of reading,” Blackwell states. “Which is what people enjoy doing on holiday.” 


He states that the successful applicant will need to live near the resort, which is described as lying “among dense foliage on beaches with sand as soft as snow.” The main residential area of the resort are the villas and their usual price range are about $2,000 a night for a one-bed property and up to $26,000 for a nine-bedroom Private Reserve which includes a swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam room.


Neil Denny, joint-editor of the industry journal known as BookBrunch, first revealed this opportunity. He states that he would imagine the nation’s hard-pressed booksellers might quite fancy a spell on a desert island since it is away from the woes of the high street and that this is one gig that Amazon can’t spoil.


Denny adds

It’s very much a niche in a niche, selling quality books to the super-rich, but they are starting to appreciate the discreet charm of a good book. And of course, they have the money to pursue it, building entire libraries from scratch.


“This is a trend luxury cruise ships and high-end hotels are starting to tap into,” says Denny.  “Anyone can read anything on a Kindle but only a discerning few can afford a wall full of first editions.”


Blackwell used to own a chain of bookshops in the UK, but gave up on that in favor of traveling the world.


His new business was formed when he came up with the idea of library collections for resort hotels. 
The bookshop will stock a mixed collection of books that reflect the local environment including marine life and other titles that might attract tourists. 



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