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Music Monday: Werewolves

Halloween of 2020 will show a blue moon, and the last time a blue moon occured on Halloween was during the Second World War. To celebrate this celestial phenomenon, we are talking about a literary creature that transforms at the sight of the full moon and who may be undergoing a transformation on the night of Halloween: the Werewolf.

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Justin Timberlake to Release First Book!

On August 10th Justin Timberlake released major news about his upcoming book release on Twitter. In Hindsight, fans will get a closer look at JT’s creative process, starting with his youth, leading right up to the present day.



Publisher HarperCollins mentioned that Justin’s book will include his many inspirations that led to his love for music at an early age, and how they have influenced his hit songs. Hindsight will feature images from Justin on and off the stage all over the world, anecdotes, and reflections of his life’s work. Entertainment Weekly notes:


He talks about his songwriting process, offering the back story to many of his hits. He muses on his collaborations with other artists and directors, sharing the details of many performances in concert, TV comedy, and film. He also reflects on who he is, examining what makes him tick, speaking candidly about fatherhood, family, close relationships, struggles, and his search to find an inner calm and strength.



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The book will also discuss his writing process and working with different artists, covering his married life with Jessica Biel and future career plans. Hindsight & All the things I Can’t See in Front of Me will hit bookstores on October 30th.


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