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11,000 Books from 1923 and Beyond Are Now Available Online

The U.S. Copyright Office releases years worth of books starting from 1923 to this year’s public domain and then elevating through the 20th century in each progressing year. The Internet Archive Institution possesses 11,000 texts from 1923 on many digital platforms. The books can be found on the Internet Archive homepage.


Here are a couple of prominent books that were recently released:


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Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy or Hellenism and Pessimism translated by WM. A. Haussmann, Ph.D.


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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Note-Books, Arranged and Rendered Into English with Introductions by Edward McCurdy, M.A.


Internet entrepreneur Brewster Kahle expresses how much this is a game changer for our time:

“We have shortchanged a generation,” he says, “the 20th century is largely missing from the internet.”


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1923 was a time of literary excellence where writers were publishing works that are held in high regard today. For example, Ernest Hemingway’s Three Stories and Ten Poems, Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway in Bond Street, Marcel Proust’s The Prisoner, and beyond.


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