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Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games

Booze & Books(tr): Your Weekly Bookish Drinking Game: YA Dystopia Edition

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and Bookstr is bringing you Booze & Books, our newest weekly feature dedicated to drinking games and booze-book pairings.

To give you a little preview, here’s a suggestion we can offer right now: any drink and any book. (Don’t worry; they’ll be more detailed than that. But you have to admit, it’s the perfect combo.)

This week is our YA edition. That’s right, we’re going YA dystopia on your asses.


Select your favorite YA dystopia novel— We’re thinking The Hunger Games, Divergent, you get it.

Take a drink every time one of the following tropes occurs!


Remember: drink responsibly and read voraciously!


Take one drink if…


  1. The protagonist is a thin, white person who is extremely physically fit as a result of a life lived on the land…
Katniss running
Image Via Lionsgate


2. It quickly becomes clear that this attractive, noble young person is the ONLY one who can save humanity from the regime that is currently in power,..


3. Humanity recently came close to extinction as a result of a disaster that is only ever vaguely explained and is referred to by some sort of ambiguous name like the Ending…


Shailene Woodley in Divergent
Image Via IGN


4. Nothing in this world has an actual name and everything is called the basic name for what it is, but capitalized e.g: “Ever since the Ending, we have attended the School, run by the Professors, where we learn to be the best Wives we can be, for our future Lords.”


5. The events of the story are catalysed by the protagonist’s fifteenth, sixteenth or seventeenth birthday…



Maze Runner
Image Via Variety


The protagonist’s love interest is of a different Group / Race / Class / Dimension and therefore their love is Forbidden…


The agents of the regime in power have a name like the Deceivers or the Deputies or the Hounds and they will show up at every point to wreak havoc.


Still with us?

If so, maybe it’s time for you to drink the Cure!