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The 5 Most Interesting Bookmobiles From Around the World

It’s National Bookmobile Day! Bookmobiles, in case you weren’t aware, are mobile libraries that provide books to more remote and to people who can’t get to a library regularly such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Bookmobiles aren’t just cars, but they can also be boats, camels, and even converted military tanks. 


To celebrate national bookmobile day, here are some of the most interesting bookmobiles from around the world! 


1. Weapons of Mass Instruction – Argentina


book tank


Book Tank |  Via My Modern Met


This converted Ford Falcon is made to look like a military tank. Instead of explosives, this tank has a skeleton of built-in shelves that can hold about 900 books. Argentina-based artist Raul Lemesoff built the mobile in 2015 to spread messages of peace and literacy all over Argentina. 


book tank

Book Tank | Via In Habitat


2. The Camel Bookmobile – Kenya



Camel Bookmobile | Via The Yellow Sparrow


The inspiration behind the book, The Camel Bookmobile, this traveling camel provides books to people in Northeastern Kenya who are suffering from chronic poverty and drought. Due to the nomadic nature of the people living there, a static library would be useless and education is hard to come by. Not only does this mobile provide books, but it also teaches the people it visits English in outdoor classrooms.


3. Tell A Story – Portugal


book mobile

Tell A Story Van Front | Via Visit Portgual


A bookmobile targeting towards tourists of Lisbon provides travelers with Portuguese literature translated into English, French, Spanish, and German. The books featured inside the van showcase Portugal’s culture and language along with genres like literature and romance. Started in 2013, Francisco Antolin, Domingos Cruz, and Joao Correia Pereira wanted to spread Portugal’s culture in an accessible and hand-held way. 


4. Epos – Norway



Epos Boat | Via ThorNews


This bookmobile isn’t so much a mobile but more of a boat. Built in 1963, Epos was built specifically to serve as a floating library, sailing the coast of Norway ever since. Epos carries about 6,000 books and also offerers a dining room for patrons. Since Norway has many remote spots along the fjords, the boat offers books to over 150 communities who wouldn’t otherwise have access to a library.



Inside of the Ship | Via Moment


5. Bibloburro – Columbia



Bibloburro | Via This Gives Me Hope


Luis Soriano and his two donkeys, Alfa and Beto (Alphabet in Spanish), travel across La Gloria, Columbia to elementary schools providing children with books to read. As a former Spanish teacher himself, he understands the lack of resources that some students in the rural state of Magdalena. Not only does Soriano provide books to schoolchildren, but he also provides them with homework help, help with learning how to read, and adventure stories and geography lessons that he has prepared for them.


 A few children’s books have been inspired by the biblioburro including Biblioburro: A True Story from Columbia and Waiting for the Biblioburro.



Featured Image via American Library Association