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The Nerdiest Latte Art for National Espresso Day

If you’re feeling like you need an extra shot of energy today, you have an excuse to drink as much coffee as you want. I mean, if you’re a book lover you’re probably currently curled up in a cafe with coffee and a good book anyway. November 23rd is National Espresso Day!  Espresso is made by using pressurized water and ground coffee to create coffee topped with a foam called crema. Delicious, delicious caffeine…

Latte art is a form of art as delicate and precise as any other art form, and some of the nerdy designs that artists have made are just incredible. Here are 7 of the nerdiest (and coziest) latte art designs.


1. 3d pop-up book


If you thought a simple leaf or heart design was impressive, look at this beautiful 3D book. You could almost turn the foam pages.


Image result for latte art of book"

image via otakumode.com

2. i am iron man


This one might make you cry. It’s a rendition of Tony Stark using foam and food coloring to perfectly capture the colors of his suit.


image via @belcolno on instagram

3. for the Potterheads


This latte version of Harry looks like it came straight from Hogwarts.


Image result for harry potter latte art"


Or if you prefer a more minimalistic style, this one is cute too



Image result for harry potter latte art"

image via Calgary’s espresso bar coffee catering latte art love


4. it’s always time for a tea — or coffee — party


This foam clock melts right out of its coffee mug, Alice in Wonderland style.



image via boredpanda.com




5. Beware the frozen heart


Your heart won’t freeze from this cup of coffee, but you might get a caffeine rush!



Image result for elsa latte art"

image via Pinterest

6. Dragon latte


If you’re still reeling from the Game of Thrones finale, a sip of this latte topped with a fiery dragon might make you feel better.


Image result for game of thrones latte art"

image via pinterest


7. sleepy Bulbasaur


Here’s another amazing 3D foam masterpiece of a Bulbasaur whose coffee wasn’t quite effective enough—it put him to sleep.


Image result for pokemon latte art"

image via reddit





Featured image via Artpresso Design


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6 Quick & Easy Bookish Crafts

Fall and cold weather are just around the corner, and soon book lovers will be hoarding up their books, blankets, and warm drinks. Before the autumn winds start blowing, why not stop at your local craft store and pick up paints, brushes, and artsy odds and ends to make some bookish crafts? Here’s a list of six easy DIY bookish crafts to decorate your home or your shelves.


1. Painted Brick BookENDS


Related image

IMAGE BY http://www.myfriendshouse.co.uk/books-and-mortar/


All you need for these easy, vintage-looking books is some bricks, acrylic paint, and your favorite book cover designs. These bricks can be used as bookends on your shelves or as a literary touch to your garden. Check out this YouTube video for more specific instructions.


2. Teacup bookmarks


Image by genuine mudpie


You can use or reuse any type of colored paper for these cozy teacup bookmarks, and the tea bags are easily attached with string. If you’re a fan of Lewis Carroll, you could even design one that says “Drink me” and include some “Eat me” cookies. This blog provides some easily traceable teacup templates as well as detailed instructions.


3. Book page Pendants


Image by www.Happyhourprojects.com


These book page necklaces put your favorite book scenes on display with a tiny frame and some decorative beads. By replacing the necklace cords with a keychain or phone charm, you can easily wear your books in a multitude of ways. If you’re a Potterhead, you can even coordinate the colors of the beads with your House colors.



4. Miniature book worlds signpost


image by indigoamethyst.blogspot.com


If you always find yourself wandering off to fictional worlds in your head, why not give yourself a bit of direction with this miniature bookshelf signpost? You can use stencils to trace the names of your favorite fictional places onto paint sticks or small pieces of wood, and even arrange the signs according to the location of the books on your shelves.


5. BOok page candle


IMAGE BY Hubpages


This candle is a perfect piece of bookish decor to complement those teacup bookmarks. You can cut any silhouette shape into a favorite book page to outline the flame, whether it’s a heart, a book, or even a dragon.




Image result for stack of books necklaceimage by Handmade Jewelry products

If you can’t choose just one book page to wear as a necklace, you can wear a bundle of books instead! Using three dollhouse size books, some glue, string, and a necklace chain, you can show off your love of books in miniature form.



Featured image by freepik.com