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GoT Jon and Dany

11 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

The new Game of Thrones season 8 trailer is here, and it’s BANANAS.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is below!



Twitter users had some pretty hilarious reactions to the much-awaited trailer—I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best reactions Twitter has to offer:


  1. Like this person, who does not want to be the next addition to the white walkers’ army:


2. This user, who is overwhelmed by the possibilities:



3. This user, who cannot. Stop. Rewatching:




4. This user, who will protect Arya at all cost:




5. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) who had a very relatable viewing experience:




6. This person who noticed that TORMUND IS ALIVE!!!!! (Nothing else matters to me TBH):




7. And this person, who also shares my enthusiasm for Tormund remaining in the land of the living:




8. This reminder of the additional content we’ve been blessed with:




9. Some people simply could not STAY CALM:




10. This person, who needed a way to cope:




11. Finally, I’ll leave you with Kit Harrington, who is trying not to let his facial expressions give away any spoilers:




At least we have these tweets to hold us over until the drop date on April 14th!!!



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4 Big Reasons Why Reading Has Made Me a Better Person

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with the idea of other worlds, mystical realms and oddball characters that conquer evil for the sake of mankind. Throw in some fancy prose and the smell of aged paper and I’m hooked. But more importantly, reading allows me to step into the shoes of someone else, helping to broaden my perspective and feel empathy towards others. So, whether it’s a novel on a dusty shelf at the library, an article on a news stand or even just the label on the back of a Goldfish bag (my forever go-to snack) one thing is quite clear: reading has made me a better person. But it’s not just me who thinks so. It’s science, people! According to all types of studies, reading can protect your memory as you age, boost your mood, and even make you more intelligent. No wonder book clubs are a thing! Here are my four big reasons of how reading has made me an overall better human.


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1. I know more about the world


Reading helps me to stay engaged with what’s going on in the world both economically and politically. Whether it’s an autobiography, non-fiction book or breaking news, I can always stay updated with current events and partake in conversation with others (because it’s “not socially acceptable” to stay inside and watch Netflix for fourteen hours). Knowing more also helps me make educated decisions on a daily basis. Plus, the more you read, the better your vocabulary will be, thus making you more intelligent. 


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2. I sleep better


It’s no surprise that trying to get some shut eye is a constant struggle. Sometimes I’m able to fall asleep in five minutes and other times I’m belting Celine Dion at three o’ clock in the morning while going through my wardrobe from 2009. I’ve found that cuddling up with a good book right before bed always helps me relax and get at least eight hours of sleep. And trust me, you won’t want to interact with me when I’m a cranky, sleepless nightmare. It’s really for the benefit of us all.


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3. I’m in a better mood


This pretty much speaks for itself. For me, reading is a good way to spend a lunch break or help pass the time on the commute home. It also helps my mind take a break from anything stressful and tune out any sort of negativity. If it’s a particularly uplifting book, like say, Eat Pray Love, (an oldie but a goodie) then I tend to be in a better mood, and we all know a happy Becca is a better Becca.


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4. Reading is magic


At what other point in your life can you say that you’ve slayed dragons or fallen in love during the Revolutionary War? Books let us enter different time periods and fantasy worlds, where anything can happen. All you have to do is find a quiet place in your room or at a coffee shop and turn the page. And that my friends, is magical.


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Prince’s Generous Donation Helped Save a Historical Library

Giving from the heart in secret is the best secret brought to light. However, it was no secret that the selfless musician, Prince, always gave a helping hand to countless people and organizations. Prince Rodgers Nelson was a singer, songwriter, and musician best known for his flamboyant appearance. The “Purple Rain” singer was like a male peacock dazzling fans with his fashion and talent, but music was not the only thing he rewarded his fans with.


“Assist your library in reaching all areas of the community.”  -Prince 
prince check

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Back in 2001, the singer and humanitarian made a generous donation to a local library, but he wanted the act of kindness to be kept private. However, after his death, the news leaked of what he had done. Prince donated $12,000 dollars to the Louisville Western Public Library, the first library in the state administrated by African Americans in 1905. The library faced possible closure because of a lack of funds, but Prince swooped in with a donation that saved the establishment and went to the children programming and outreach department. It was a secret revealed, but also a reminder that this rock star gave with his heart leaving behind a legacy of hope and inspiration.


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