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Bestsellers of the Decade: In Every “Shade” Of Color

The end of the decade is upon us, people. We’ve read good books and we’ve read bad and surprisingly they are all on this list. So here is the top ten list for the bestsellers of the decade according to The NPD group.



1, 2, and 3 : Fifty Shade of Grey Series


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Your eyes do not deceive you folks. The entire original Fifty Shades of Grey Series holds the top three spots on the top sellers list. This infamous fan fiction series author E.L. James wrote sits pretty, having sold nearly 35 million books including physical and e-book copies.



4: The Hunger Games


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The first book in The Hunger Games series written by Susan Collins sold 8.7 million copies. In the height to the dystopian novel with teens, this series was the one to read.



5. The Help 

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One of the best books on this list, in my opinion, written by Kathryn Stockett, The Help sold 8.7 million copies. This book is heavy, dealing with topics like racism. Even though we learn the plight of black maids, this book is filled with humor and hope.



6. The Girl on the Train


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Written by Paula Hawkins, it sold 8.2 million copies. If you haven’t read this book yet, this mystery will keep you guessing. It’s about past love and betrayal but more importantly, MURDER.



7. Gone Girl


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Written by Gillian Flynn sold 8.1 million copies. This is a book about a marriage going downhill and wife playing a sick, yet incredibly smart game with her husband who is unaware of it intrigues you, this one has a pretty great reputation.



8. The Fault in Our Stars


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Written by John Green sold 8 million copies. This sweet yet so sad book follows a young couple who both struggle with cancer. You WILL need tissues.



9. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


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Written by Stieg Larsson sold 7.9 million copies.  Doesn’t everyone love a good revenge story? You’ve got one right here.



10. Divergent


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Written by Veronica Roth, it sold 6.6 million copies. Another dystopian teen read that will surely give your imagination something to gnaw on.



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‘All the Bright Places’ is Coming to Netflix

All the Bright Places, is finally coming to our screens! The 2015 novel of the same name was written by Jennifer Niven, and optioned for a film in 2014, before the book’s release. Now it’s finally slated to hit Netflix next year.

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 Image via Amazon

The novel follows two teenagers, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch, who have reached a dark point in their lives, and struggle to cope with their mental illnesses. They find themselves on the roof of their school and meet for the first time. Violet is coping with the death of her older sister, Eleanor, who died in a car accident. Violet feels responsible for her death and hasn’t been in a car since the accident. Finch is depressed and has constant thoughts of suicide. His family doesn’t understand his depression so he feels alone until he meets Violet, who he talks off the ledge, and vice versa.

This then leads them to make a pact – to find all the bright places, all the wonderful exciting things in the world, and in themselves.


The film will star Elle Fanning as Violet and Justice Smith as Theodore. It will be available to stream on Netflix on February 28, 2020.

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Image via IMDB

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Public Libraries Are Better Adapting to Their Communities

When you normally think of a public library, chances are you imagine stuffy rooms filled with books and maybe an older woman with her hair up in a bun hushing noisy visitors with daggers in her eyes; or at least that is the trope. In reality, modern public libraries have been radically restructuring themselves over the past decade into community hubs. The modern public library aims to provide all sorts of resources (other than books) which include free classes for adults, children’s programming, business resources, and so much more.


Image result for narcan libraries

Image via nytimes

A good library adapts to its community. For example, over the past few years, America has been dealing with an opioid epidemic the likes of which we’ve never seen. It’s for this reason that many libraries are supplying their staff with narcan and training them to treat overdoses. Libraries across the country saw drug addicts passing out on their front steps and in their bathrooms, and they knew that they had to respond.


Image via NPR

Perhaps the next stage of expansion has already started taking place at the Long Branch Free Public Library where they have recently hired a resident social worker. David Perez, the social worker for the Long Branch Public Library, told NPR in an interview: “Anyone can come right in here, and you don’t need to be of any class, you don’t need money. You can take advantage of all of the services that we offer.” This unique step forward is further evidence that many libraries are becoming much more than just libraries.



Featured Image Via: California Center for the Book

GoT Jon and Dany

11 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer

The new Game of Thrones season 8 trailer is here, and it’s BANANAS.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is below!



Twitter users had some pretty hilarious reactions to the much-awaited trailer—I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best reactions Twitter has to offer:


  1. Like this person, who does not want to be the next addition to the white walkers’ army:


2. This user, who is overwhelmed by the possibilities:



3. This user, who cannot. Stop. Rewatching:




4. This user, who will protect Arya at all cost:




5. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) who had a very relatable viewing experience:




6. This person who noticed that TORMUND IS ALIVE!!!!! (Nothing else matters to me TBH):




7. And this person, who also shares my enthusiasm for Tormund remaining in the land of the living:




8. This reminder of the additional content we’ve been blessed with:




9. Some people simply could not STAY CALM:




10. This person, who needed a way to cope:




11. Finally, I’ll leave you with Kit Harrington, who is trying not to let his facial expressions give away any spoilers:




At least we have these tweets to hold us over until the drop date on April 14th!!!