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Stephen King’s True Fear Is Having Life Imitate His Art

While there are moments in The Institute that would give you similarly dark vibes, this work serves as another example of a strong point that his new works have been striving towards making: not just to instill fear in the reader, but also to provide the tools to help combat it...

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New Stephen King Book Cover Revealed!

A new Stephen King novel is always something to get excited about, and his latest one definitely sounds like a real page-turner.

King has revealed the cover of his new novel The Institute, which tells the story of a boy named Luke with special powers who is kidnapped and sent to a facility. As other children at the facility start to disappear, Luke must find a way to escape.

King has described the novel as a battle of “good vs. evil” with a story “as psychically terrifying as Firestarter, and with the spectacular kid power of It

Announced in late January, the cover of the novel was revealed in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.


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The book will be available September 10th.


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Stephen Kings New Book ‘Elevation’ Will Leave You Light-Hearted

Stephen King has come out with a new book. Its unusually skinny for a King volume, and this might have something to do with the main character!


Much like the main character in Thinner, a book King previously wrote dealing with the issue of weight loss, although its protagonist’s suffering was as a result of a curse, Elevation’s main character, Scott Carey is losing weight in rapid pace for an entirely different reason. Unlike Thinner in which the weight is visibly gone, Scott looks overweight even though he’s actually shedding weight and becomes light as a feather.



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With a bittersweet ending, it’s sure to be a good read. Based in the world of Castle Rock, filled with many of King’s other characters the town is also a Hulu original series. Elevation has made a point to discuss topics that is conversational in this modern political climate. In just under 150 pages, this story jam packs many social issues and turns to be one of Kings’ uplifting tales. 



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