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Ursula K Le Guin’s Work Lives on In Upcoming Big Screen Adaptation

Ursula K Le Guin, known for her amazing works of fantasy and science fiction. Not only did she write many fantasy novels, she also wrote poetry, short stories, and children’s books. Soon after LeGuin’s death this past January, one of her critically acclaimed novelettes, Nine Lives will be turned into a film.


A documentary that has been ten years in the making called Worlds of Ursula Le Guin will explore the works of her many novels through showing experts of interviews and other authors’ thoughts on Ursula. The film also explores sexism within the world of sci-fi/fantasy literature.


nine lives

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One of Le Guin’s highly regarded novelettes, Nine Lives will be adapted for the silver screen by director Siri Rodnes known for her work in Grimm Street. Tom Basden (Fresh Meat) will be adapting the book to script. The 1968 novelette, Nine Lives is about two scouts named  Martin and Pugh living in a planet named Libra. These two soon come to realize everyone they work with are just clones. Originally published in Playbook, this short story was nominated for a Nebula for Best Novelette in 1969. The book challenges audiences to understand awareness of self and examines humanity through the use of technology.


Studio Ghibli, known for their beloved Japanese based animated films such as Spirited Away and Ponyo, adapted Le Guin’s story Tales from Earthsea in 2006. Recently, producer Jennifer Fox bought the rights to the story and will be working with Ursula’ son, Theo Downes Le Guin, who will be an executive producer for a new version of the story. Tale from Earthsea is about a wizard named Sparrowhawk and a runaway Prince named Arren working together to defeat a mysterious power that threatens to spread chaos and destruction all over the world. 


Big elaborate projects call for big stars, I wonder who will portray these character when production begins.


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