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Barnes & Noble Hacked?

If you are Barnes & Noble regular, you need to know this.

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It reported that on the 10th of October Barnes & Noble was subjected to a cyber attack. In the address to their customers, B&N reassures that customer’s payment, card information, and financial data were not compromised. But the systems that were impacted during the cyber attack held email addresses, billing, and shipping, telephones number if they were provided.

This a huge blow to the bookselling chain as they are relying heavily on online book sales in the wake of COVID-19, quarantines, and global lockdowns.

They haven’t received word if this information has been leaked or gotten out in any way but it is, unfortunately, a possibility. We will be following the situation for any updates, but keep yourselves well informed and be extra wary of strange emails just in case. Stay safe!



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Books Aren’t Amazon’s Top Priority

In this time of need, Amazon, has decided to suspend shipping for items that aren’t top priority. Unfortunately, even with all the school closings, books aren’t considered a priority right now. Only things people ACTUALLY need are going to be shipped.

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Now that everyone is basically quarantined in their homes, ordering supplies is what people are doing more now than ever. So, because of this increase in demand, medical supplies and other household essentials are taking top priority. These things should be priority because it is what people need the most of, and going to the stores isn’t always an option, mainly because lots of the items are already sold out. Books is just one of many items that Amazon ships out, that will be taking a back seat until at least April 5.


However, the company knows how hard this going to be on business, so they are doing their best to increase their capacity. About 100,000 part time and full time job positions for the company are open all over the U.S. Maybe the people who are struggling with money during this pandemic can apply for an Amazon position. They need all the help they can get, and it’s important that we work together to get through this tough time. This will definitely hurt the self-published authors who publish through the company and independent sellers as well.

For all you book lovers out there, remember if you have a Kindle, you can download E-books from Amazon or you can always re-read the books on your shelves that you already own. Books are important, but right now keep washing your hands and stay inside.

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