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@theobviousmystery – Bookstagrammer of the Week

Today we are featuring @theobviousmystery, who will have more than a few book recs for you. A bookstagrammer from India, Hari's bookstagram is dedicated to helping people find their next book or encourage them to pick one up.

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5 (Fun) Books to Instantly Improve Your Grammar

Happy Proofreading Day! Go thank an editor, and ensure your participles aren't dangling. Since reading dry grammar textbooks doesn't = much fun for even the biggest of grammar nerds, we've got five playful, witty books for you that'll instantly improve your grammar. I promise they're all just a little more fun to read than The Elements of Style!

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What Book Should You Read Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Find your personality type match, and check out which book recommendation is the right fit for you! Let us know how you feel about the choices and what other books you’ve seen yourself in.

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