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5 Book Recommendations from Sarah Paulson

It’s no secret that the internet loves Sarah Paulson. Though she’s been known for playing the creepiest roles and some intense horror work, in real life, Paulson is nothing short of adorable and loving.  And her hard character work has paid off, just this week earning her a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Netflix’s “Ratched,” the show based on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s also been a loud advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, and often her horror work overlaps into characters with a homosexual identity. 

Sarah Paulson is also active on Twitter. Though she doesn’t post regularly, we can thank Twitter user @sarahpaulsbean who just recently compiled all of Paulson’s years of book recommendations! Ever wonder what your favorite LGBTQ actress was reading? Here’s a list of five of the books she’s tweeted about in the past few years.


A Little Life cover

1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Often talked about for being one of the saddest and yet most beautiful books of recent years, A Little Life seemed to have gained a similar reaction from Paulson. She’s even quoted saying that it made her “sob uncontrollably in my bed at night before I turned off the light.”

Yanagihara’s second novel documents the life of four friends as the grow apart and their paths inevitably still intertwine. Specifically, it follows Jude, a disabled man who’s past grows more elusive and frightening with each page turn. 

This book has trigger warnings for self harm, suicidal tendencies, sexual assault, and most other trigger warnings in the book. While it’s prose is beautiful, it is haunting. Do no pick up this book if any of these topics will be triggering for you!



2. Lit by Mary Karr

Mary Karr was a recurring recommendation among the other reads Paulson mentioned, as she continually brought up the author’s name. When talking about her memoir Lit, she tweeted “that book should cost $1,000,000,000,000,000. It’s that good.”

Karr’s memoir details her time battling alcoholism among other demons from her past, and heavily considers how we carry our traumas and move into living stronger and having a better future.

Like the previous book, there are trigger warnings for suicide, alcoholism, etc. While the story is uplifting and beautifully honest, it still covers heavy topics.



3. Left Neglected by Lisa Genova

Beyond the fact that this book is recommended by Sarah Paulson, she also narrates its audiobook! She tweeted that before she read the audiobook, she loved reading the novel herself. 

Left Neglected focuses on a woman who suffers a traumatic brain injury leaving half of her body practically unusable. Through learning how to live with the injury, she learns how to better live her life and love those around her.



4. Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties by Rainer Maria Rilke

Paulson says that one of her best friends and a fellow actor, Felicity Huffman, recommended her this book. She added the book to her list for Oprah, saying “I want to remember in moments when I’m caught up in the details of not knowing what and when and why and how to do something that I need to go back to the notion of living in the unknown—and that, in fact, is what will lead to the answer.”

This mixture of prose and poetry is all about experiences, opening yourself up to life and trusting that you will get where you need to be. It’s all about a sense of spirituality in the every day life, especially those that are not yet upon us. Rilke on Love and Other Difficulties will be eye opening to those familiar to Rilke and those who are just discovering the author for the first time.



5. Atonement by Ian McEwan

Similar to other recommendations from Paulson, this classic novel focuses much on love, innocence, forgiveness, and how important people in your life can bring about the biggest and most impactful of life’s changes. 

Atonement is set just before the years of World War II. It focuses on the innocence of its protagonist and the forthcoming breaking of this barrier and descent into crime and lies. 

Which books from Paulson’s recommendations are you adding to your list? Let us know!



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Books About ‘The Day the Music Died’

In January 1959, some of music’s biggest acts decided to set up a 24-day tour around the American midwest. Three of these acts were Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper. On the night of February 3rd, 1959, the three boarded a plane intending on going to the next stop. Unfortunately, they would never get there. The plane crashed, killing the three of them. Don McLean immortalized this event in his song “American Pie” and therefore February 3rd has become known as “The Day the Music Died.” Here are a few books that go into detail about the fateful tour and the musicians we’ll remember forever.



Do You Believe in Rock and Roll? Essays on Don Mclean’s “American Pie” edited by Raymond i. shuck and ray shuck

image courtesy of amazon

In 1971, Don McLean released his most famous song, “American Pie.” It was chock full of pop-cultural references, and a running theme is the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. Do You Believe in Rock and Roll is a collection of essays that discuss the song’s cultural and historical impact and the events it depicts.



The Day the music died: The last tour of buddy holly, the big bopper, and Ritchie Valens by larry Lehmer

Image courtesy of Amazon

Called “The last word on a pivotal event in pop music history,” by Publisher’s Weekly, The Day the Music Died recounts the days leading up to the plane crash, the plane crash itself, and the aftermath from the infamous day. Any music fan would want it in their collection.


Behind the Music: The day the music died by Quinton skinner and martin Huxley

Image courtesy of Simon and Schuster 

Taken from the episode of VH1’s ‘Behind the Music’, The Day The Music Died provides accounts of the ill-fated tour from band members, family members of the three musicians, and others who witnessed. It also includes details and material not previously included in the VH1 broadcast. Reviewers say they couldn’t put it down!



Buddy holly: Learning the game by spencer leigh

Image courtesy of Amazon

This last book focuses solely on the most famous of the three musicians, Buddy Holly. Leigh discusses the important impact Holly had on music and culture despite his short life and career. The book includes interviews with former band members from The Crickets, his widow Maria Elana, other musicians who worked with him, and fans.


Featured image courtesy of pop expresso