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Things We Love About Book Lovers

Happy August 9th, but most importantly, happy Book Lovers Day, book lovers! This day is a special one for us book people because not only do we get to celebrate literature, but the people who love it. To commemorate this very special day, here is a list of things that we love about book lovers.

  • how they say they’ll only read one more chapter (and how they absolutely don’t mean it)

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Don’t pretend, you’ve said this before and it was a complete lie. Okay, maybe you didn’t mean to lie when you said it, maybe you really meant to read only one more chapter and then go to sleep. Before you knew it birds were chirping outside your window. We get it. And don’t worry, we love you for it.



  • their imagination and daydreaming

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All the reading book lovers do does wonders for their imaginations. Chances are that, even when not reading, they have some epic scenario going on in our heads. Because why simply look out the window of a car when you could be looking out the window and strolling down the street of a magical medieval town in your head?

  • how they pepper literary references into casual conversations

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There’s no feeling quite like finally being able to use a line from a book you have memorized for no particular reason in real life. Book lovers live for these kinds of interactions and for those times other people actually get the more obscure ones and they respond with another reference.

  • the look they get when being around books

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Whether it is a bookstore, a library, a random rack of books outside of a store,  or even around books other people are currently reading, watching book lovers around books is like watching a kid in a candy store. They get this dreamy and inquisitive look in their eyes and it’s absolutely endearing.



  • how they always have a recommendation list ready to go 

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Book lovers might subtly (and by subtly I mean not subtly at all) recommend their favorite reads to others, or they might carefully construct a list of books tailored perfectly to the taste of the one they are recommending the books to. Whatever the case is you can be sure that if you ask a book lover “What book should I read?” you will get an answer.

  • their never-ending TBR piles 

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There are just so many books in the world, okay?! Every time we book lovers think we managed to make a dent in our TBR piles there are some exciting new releases we can’t wait to get our hands on, or we discover a new favorite author and we have to add all of their books to it, or a new movie adaptation is announced and we just can’t not read the book first. Either way, we love this about book lovers almost as much as we love books themselves.

  • how they can read whenever, wherever

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If there is something that book lovers are is dedicated. They can read anywhere, in any position, in any situation. If they want to read, they will find a way to do it and that’s the end of it.



  • the way they talk about their favorite characters

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Hearing a book lover talk about a character they love is like hearing them talk about a real person who is also a very dear friend. They will highlight their best qualities and personality traits and hype up their most heroic feats. If that character they love happens to be the villain of the story, they still somehow manage to talk about those same things. We love book lovers for this, even if their hearts are already taken.

  • How every book lover is unique 

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The truth is, there is no “correct” way to be a book lover. If you love books, you are a book lover, that’s the only real requirement. It doesn’t matter if you read five or fifty books a year, if you read only classics or popular fiction, if you own many books or if you only own a few. Every book lover is different, all of them special, and we love them all the same.


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