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Things We Love About Book Lovers

Happy August 9th, but most importantly, happy Book Lovers Day, book lovers! This day is a special one for us book people because not only do we get to celebrate literature, but the people who love it. To commemorate this very special day, here is a list of things that we love about book lovers.

  • how they say they’ll only read one more chapter (and how they absolutely don’t mean it)

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Don’t pretend, you’ve said this before and it was a complete lie. Okay, maybe you didn’t mean to lie when you said it, maybe you really meant to read only one more chapter and then go to sleep. Before you knew it birds were chirping outside your window. We get it. And don’t worry, we love you for it.



  • their imagination and daydreaming

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All the reading book lovers do does wonders for their imaginations. Chances are that, even when not reading, they have some epic scenario going on in our heads. Because why simply look out the window of a car when you could be looking out the window and strolling down the street of a magical medieval town in your head?

  • how they pepper literary references into casual conversations

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There’s no feeling quite like finally being able to use a line from a book you have memorized for no particular reason in real life. Book lovers live for these kinds of interactions and for those times other people actually get the more obscure ones and they respond with another reference.

  • the look they get when being around books

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Whether it is a bookstore, a library, a random rack of books outside of a store,  or even around books other people are currently reading, watching book lovers around books is like watching a kid in a candy store. They get this dreamy and inquisitive look in their eyes and it’s absolutely endearing.



  • how they always have a recommendation list ready to go 

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Book lovers might subtly (and by subtly I mean not subtly at all) recommend their favorite reads to others, or they might carefully construct a list of books tailored perfectly to the taste of the one they are recommending the books to. Whatever the case is you can be sure that if you ask a book lover “What book should I read?” you will get an answer.

  • their never-ending TBR piles 

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There are just so many books in the world, okay?! Every time we book lovers think we managed to make a dent in our TBR piles there are some exciting new releases we can’t wait to get our hands on, or we discover a new favorite author and we have to add all of their books to it, or a new movie adaptation is announced and we just can’t not read the book first. Either way, we love this about book lovers almost as much as we love books themselves.

  • how they can read whenever, wherever

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If there is something that book lovers are is dedicated. They can read anywhere, in any position, in any situation. If they want to read, they will find a way to do it and that’s the end of it.



  • the way they talk about their favorite characters

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Hearing a book lover talk about a character they love is like hearing them talk about a real person who is also a very dear friend. They will highlight their best qualities and personality traits and hype up their most heroic feats. If that character they love happens to be the villain of the story, they still somehow manage to talk about those same things. We love book lovers for this, even if their hearts are already taken.

  • How every book lover is unique 

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The truth is, there is no “correct” way to be a book lover. If you love books, you are a book lover, that’s the only real requirement. It doesn’t matter if you read five or fifty books a year, if you read only classics or popular fiction, if you own many books or if you only own a few. Every book lover is different, all of them special, and we love them all the same.


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Here Are Our Book Lovers Day Staff Picks!

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaku and His Years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami




“The themes of finding closure for unresolved personal negativities really resonated with me.” – Nate


The Space Between – Brenna Yovanoff




“This is a book about being deeply flawed, and how even as you’re trying to be better, it’s honest to let those things stay a part of you.” – Kali



The Last Unicorn – Peter Beagle




“It Reminds me that there’s magic in the world even if you can’t see it.” – Becky


The Prisoner of Azkaban – J. K. Rowling



“I enjoyed it.” – Richard



The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway



Literary Fiction

“This is one of Hemingway’s most compelling books due to the religious themes and the focus on minority groups, at a time when prejudice in America was prevalent.” – Kyle


The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald



Literary Fiction

“A good narrative that gives a view into the minds of the characters.” – Lexi



Gone – Michael Grant



Science Fiction

“It’s very entertaining and has a mystery you want to solve.” – Heather


Ties of Shooting Stars – Keigo Higashino




“The mystery keeps you guessing, and the build-up for the plot twist has a great payoff.” – Derek



The Thief Lord – Cornelia Funke




“I found it really empowering as a child, with these kids taking care of themselves and fighting for good.” – Amy


The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan




“I like Greek mythology, and the book’s funny, witty humor.” – Tim



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Top 3 Tips and Ideas for a Book Lovers Day Party

It’s celebration time people! Grab your feathered pens and take a seat, because today we’re going to take a look at how to make the best bookish party!

Books have had a long history of being ignored, banned, and worse, burned. Today, reading books has become a little more popular and successful than in past years. From niche genres such as Elf Punk and Amish Romance, to hugely accomplished series of novels like The Harry Potter Series and the new rising industry of graphic novels. Books have come a long way in reaching out to just about every person willing to crack open a cover. That’s plenty to celebrate!

Thus, here are the top 3 tips for your next wild and crazy Book Lovers Party! We even threw in some original DIY ideas for you to try out.





Have A No-Phone Policy


The whole point is to focus on your love of books and share with the people who love them too. So have a case to keep, or even lock all the phones away. There are empty book-shaped boxes you can even use to stash away everyone’s phones.


Harry Potter decorated book box.

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You can even plan a ten minute break for selfie taking, if people are really itching to update their Instagram. Nothing like capturing memories with photos after all.



Keep Your Guests Busy


While bringing a group of book nerds together will surely result in an endless flow of conversations about all the different fandoms they have in common, that’s not the only activity that should happen at a book party. Keep everyone at the party busy with activities and games that are bookishly fun and engaging.


Try out these games below:

  • Extreme Makeover
    • Bring a classic literary character into the modern age and invent a new life for them. Example: Lydia Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) considers Cosmo great literature and Sex & the City serious drama. She hits the clubs, wears designer knock-offs and has Big Hair. Her eyes are always peeled for Mr. Big.


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The overdramatic sighs of Miss Lydia Bennet. | Image via Giphy 


  • Call my bluff: Dictionary version
    • For the word nerds of your party. Take turns picking a word from the dictionary, write out its definition, and then add two more definitions of your own. Share the three possible definitions out loud to the group⁠—or get your neighbor to do so if you have a bad poker face. The others must each guess which is the true definition. One point for anyone who spots the real one, and two points for you if one of your fake ones is voted the winner.

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  • Name in the hat game: Literary version
    • Test your knowledge of fictional characters and authors with this quick-paced guessing game. Everyone in the group writes the names four or five literary characters or authors⁠—whatever mix you would like⁠—on small pieces of paper, and throws them into a hat. Split into teams of four to five and let the game begin! With only one minute to spare each turn, one person in a team grabs a slip of paper from the hat and, using as many words as they can to describe the person, hints to their team what the paper says. Try and reveal as many slips as you can for your team until the minute is up. Depending on how confident you’re feeling, you might decide to only allow one pass per round…

The team gets one point per correct guess in each round. When the minute is up, it’s the next team’s go. This keeps going until all the slips from the bag have been read out.

Round Two: put all the names back in the hat. This time, you’re only allowed one word to describe the person on the piece of paper.

Round Three: names back in again. This time: all acting, no words.

The winning team is the one with the most points across all three rounds.


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Bring Books!


What kind of a Book Lovers Party would it be if there weren’t any books? Bring one of your favorites and share it with your friends.

Here are a couple of inspiring ideas for your party of what you can do with your books.


  • Blind Date With A Book
    • Nothing like the classic blind date to find the perfect one for you. Ask all your party goers if they would like to donate books to the cause. When you have the books, wrap them up in brown paper, or whatever you have to wrap with that isn’t at all see-through. Decorate however you like, maybe even based on the book, but the important details are a few words on what it is about.


I received my blind date with a book in the mail today and I can’t wait to read it! There are so many different books to choose from and…

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  • Book Swap And Chat
    • Similar to blind date with a book, the swap and chat introduces everyone to a new book they may like. The main difference here is that everything is in the open, and the aim is to encourage socializing between readers.

All the books will have a designated space with the donor’s name and the genres of the book written on a sticky note, but please be gentle with them. Everyone interested in finding a new read crowds around the books and picks one that speaks most to them. You can choose to flip through the book and see if you might like it, but the purpose of this activity is to find the person who held the book and talk to them about it. This can be a great conversation starter and, at the end of the day, everyone may end up with a new cherished book.




Don’t forget food and drinks, maybe even throw a little literary ambiance to piece everything together for the best book lovers party.

For anyone interested in making the book-decorated cupcakes in the featured image, you can find the edible books and purchase them on Etsy, or try making it yourself using fondant.



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